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Where Are they Now: 2008 International Olympians

Boxing is an international sport, a fact driven home to many Americans by the dominance of a pair of Ukrainian brothers over the heavyweight division. Half of the fighters in the Super Six are from Europe, and one of boxing’s two biggest stars is a Filipino. While it is more common for foreign boxers to remain amateurs and return to the Olympics, rather than turn pro after a single Olympic outing, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on international Olympic medal winners for boxing prospects. Some of the men who won medals in Beijing are well ...

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2008 US Olympic Boxing: Two Years Later

Checking In With the 2008 USA Olympic Boxing Squad The US Olympic Boxing Team is always the source of the hottest prospects in boxing for the subsequent four years, with the only other event that even comes close being the Golden Gloves tournaments, either at the national level or for important cities like New York. Accordingly, it pays to keep an eye on how members of the 2008 boxing team, lackluster though it was, are doing now that they have turned pro.

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