HBO Boxing results: Juan Manuel Marquez dominates Mike Alvarado; Pacquiao V next

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Marquez vs. Alvarado Results on HBO Boxing:

Fight fans at the Forum were expecting a brawl, and they got it from Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado. While Marquez quickly began to dominate the fight with his vastly superior skill and timing, Alvarado wouldn’t go out without making his presence felt.

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Now, Marquez is in line to once again face Manny Pacquiao. This would be Marquez vs. Pacquiao V, of course, the next chapter in the epic saga which last saw Pacquiao be brutally knocked out in December 2012.

Marquez was cruising through the first six or seven rounds of the fight. Alvarado, as expected, simply had no answer for Marquez. He was being easily out-classed, and was getting beaten up in the process.

In the 8th, Marquez broke through and sent Alvarado down. That woke Alvarado up, who was able to put a complacent Marquez down in the 9th.

But if anything, that worked against Alvarado. Marquez was reinvigorated, and immediately began pouring on the punishment. In the second half of that round, Alvarado likely took worse punishment that at any other time leading up to that, despite the fact that he would still win the round because of the knockdown.

Alvarado nearly scored a knockdown with about 20 seconds left in the 11th round. The referee ruled that the neither the hand nor knee of Marquez touched the canvas, and that call was proven to be correct. Marquez had been stunned, but he maintained himself.

Marquez regained his composure in the 12th and Alvarado was unable to end the fight with a miraculous ending. He certainly acquitted himself well, particularly in the final four rounds, but was entirely out-gunned by Marquez.

Official scorecards: 117-109, 117-109, 119-108 for Marquez.

In the first televised fight of the evening, Viktor Postol remained unbeaten by knocking out the tough Selcuk Aydin.

Postol, now 26-0, 11 KOs, has just begun training at the Wild Card Gym with Freddie Roach and the team there. He maintained a busy work rate in the fight, averaging 100 punches per round, going to the body, and displaying an awkward style that Aydin didn’t have an answer for.

Aydin began the fight strongly, but Postol soon found his footing and began asserting himself prior to scoring the KO. Expect to see more of Postol in the future after this showcase.

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  1. Marquez is obviously still on PEDS. At age 40 he’s got acne all over his body !
    A reaction from Steroids !
    A proper VADA testing should be administered if he fights Pacquaio again

  2. You must be a pacman fan of course, he is not on PEDS, he is that good looser, he WON, accepted he is really the best ever not like other cheaters.

    • He’s the CRY BABY whenever he loses so he uses Steroids instead.
      Live in the now and don’t be so gullible !

  3. be ready for pacman, alvarado is too slow for marquez.

  4. barry gil r. pilar

    ….Alvarado just stand there in the ring throwing nothing, this was the reason why Marquez looked impressive. Mike was tailormade for Dinamita’s style thus for me surpassing Alvarado did not give Marquez something which could be worthy of mention. I was not surprised when Marquez was hesitant about the future of facing Pacquiao for the 5th time because he knew that Manny is a different beast with speed. Just before his rematch agaisnt Tim Bradley, Manny stated that he will take bAck his two loses with vengeance. Marquez should prepare because this time around Manny will knock him out!..

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