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AIBA Professional Boxing Program Logo Unveiled


Less than four months after the AIBA Professional Boxing Program (APB) was launched, the AIBA is very pleased to disclose the official logo of APB. You can take a look at the new logo right here and learn a bit on what the program will be all about with a brief statement from the organization.

Opening the 2011 AIBA Annual Awards Ceremony, AIBA President, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu unveiled the APB logo in front of delegates from the National Federations who participated in the Olympic Boxing Test Event this week.

“After the launch of APB was officially announced in Astana on 1 August 2011, this is another historic moment in the development of the Program. I truly believe this is a crucial time for our sport with the London 2012 Olympic Games just around the corner. With the support of our National Federations, AIBA has to become the ultimate responsible body for the boxers’ entire careers, from grassroots to amateur and all the way through to the professional ranks. APB is the final piece of the jigsaw for AIBA’s vision in achieving this. I look forward to shortly being able to reveal the first boxers signed up to APB”, stated President Wu.