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Lots of us have questions about boxing, or need to freshen up on our knowledge. So welcome to the classroom for Boxing 101, your basic guide to a wide range of different areas involving the sport, how it works behind the scenes, the sanctioning bodies and promoters that are involved, a whole mess of terminology, and much more.

Use our guides here to hash out all of those unsolved mysteries, or simply to read up more on the sport you love. Here are the current sections for our Boxing 101 guide.

Boxing Sanctioning Bodies

Boxing History

Boxing Promoters


Scoring and Judging

Betting on Boxing

Famous Boxers

Boxing Training

Best Boxers by Country

Champions vs. Titleholders

Boxing Forums

Weight Classes Guide

Boxers on Facebook & Twitter

All-Time Best Fighters by Weight Class

Boxing Fantasy Fights

  • Boxing History – Read up on the storied history of boxing, from its earliest roots, to a decade by decade overview of the sport in the 20th century, lists, comparisons and more.
  • Boxing Promoters – A basic rundown of some of the major promoters in the world of boxing
  • Boxing Terminology – Popular words and phrases used in and around the sport defined
  • Scoring and Judging in Boxing – An in-depth look at all of the details of boxing scoring and judging
  • Betting on Boxing – Learn the ins and outs of how to bet on boxing, and the types of bets commonly available
  • Famous Boxers – See a list of hundreds of the best boxers ever, and the most famous boxers of all-time.
  • Boxing Training – Learn everything you need to know about training for boxing.
  • Best Boxers by Country – View the Best of a Nation series to check out a huge collection of Best Of lists representing the best boxers in history from different countries or regions.
  • Champions vs. Titleholders vs… – At any given time a single weight division might have five or more titleholders. Learn the difference between meaningless trinkets, lineal champions and more right here.
  • Boxing Forums – See a list of the biggest boxing forums on the web and get in on the debate for yourself.
  • Boxing Weight Classes History & Guide – Explore the history of all of the boxing weight classes, included when they were established, prominent champions in every division and more.
  • Boxers on Facebook & Twitter – Comprehensive lists of all of the boxers, promoters and other individuals from the boxing game on social media sites.
  • Best All-Time Boxers by Weight Division – The top 10 rankings for the best fighters of all-time in each and every weight division.
  • Boxing Fantasy Fights – How would the sport’s legends have fared against one another in fantasy style, what-if matches?

If you need something else explained, want something added or just have another question, contact us today and we’ll do our best to help.