Amazing Pacquiao-Bradley fight preview video & photos

pacquiao bradley under the lights3

It’s my favorite time for an HBO Boxing pre-fight promotion, when they release their amazing “Under the Lights” fight preview video. Right here, you can see the awesome Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley video preview from HBO Boxing, in what they bill as basically a video infographic. Utilizing great footage, and really insightful notes, they give you the rundown of what each fighter will be trying to do to one another in the ring, when, how and why. Take a look.

Plus, you can view a few photos from the preview video, including some vital fighter statistics:

As I always say, there’s an endless stream of these preview videos before a fight. Some of them you can take or leave. But the Under the Lights series from HBO Boxing is the best of the best. It’s actually fun to watch, and you’ll learn something and have a good time as you do. It freeze frames fight footage to hone in on the guys as they’re in combat, and you see what kinds of things they’re doing, why and how it’s effective, and how it helps them win the fight.

Enjoy the video, I know it’s always one of my favorites, and keep on checking back with for more Pacquiao-Bradley fight week updates.

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