Arizona boxing news & notes: Winky Wright training in Phoenix, Jose Benavidez Jr ready to return

In 2009 after losing a  12 round unanimous decision to Paul Williams, “Winky” Wright  quit boxing and there was no reason to think he would ever return.  He is back with a renewed love for the sport, however. For  the last 2-3 weeks, the 41 year old southpaw has been  preparing for a comeback fight at Busted Knuckle Gym in North Phoenix. The former world champ will meet tough Peter Quillin on  June 2  on the under card of the Antonio Tarver/Lateef Kayode Cruiserweight bout at the Home Depot Center in Carson California.

Promising light heavyweight Trevor McCumby (4-0 w/4 knockouts) also trains at Busted Knuckle and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona after living in Glendale, Arizona where he attended high school.

Wright and McCumby may attend a May 19  car wash/raffle fundraiser  for a  disabled Phoenix lady who needs help with her medical bills. The community supported  fundraiser takes place at  Rips Ales & Cocktails in Phoenix (Earll & 16th Street).  They could  join a group of fine young Phoenix boxers  who are tentatively scheduled to don sponges and wash cars and trucks on that special day. The list includes: Jose Benavidez Jr., David Benavidez, Javier Loya, Victor Castro,  Abe Ramos, Andrew Hernandez, Paul “Ziggy” Romero and Isiah McFadden.

Several local athletes have donated signed collectibles to the raffle….  including 2001 World Series hero Luis Gonzalez and former Phoenix Suns great Alvan Adams .  All guest appearances are subject to change…just like in boxing cards.

Speaking of Jose Benavidez Jr…

the undefeated junior welterweight  is scheduled to fight on the under card of the Antonio Margarito / Abel Perry May 26 10 round   fight in Tucson Arizona at the Del Sol Casino/Resort. Apparently his right wrist injury, suffered last year, is healed and the budding superstar is ready to continue his accelerated ascension to #1.  Phoenix boxers are well represented on the card. In  addition to Benavidez Jr. , Andrew “Hurricane” Hernandez aka The Pride of Phoenix and Juanito Gonzalez.

Juanito was very impressive in his domination of  Saul Benitez in a 4 rounder on the April 21 Legends 2 show produced by Iron Boy Promotions and held at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Gonzalez had Benitez in trouble throughout the bout but couldn’t deliver the knockout blow. The victory upped the 20 year old light middleweight Gonzalez’s official  record to 5-0 w/3 knockouts. Next up for Gonzales, a bout on the May 26 Margarito card in Tucson and maybe  just maybe a fight on the June 16th Iron Boy Promotions card at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix if he doesn’t suffer a serious injury.

Phoenix featherweight Paul “Ziggy” Romeo has resumed training after a single bee sting threatened his future in boxing. He was helping his father when the attack occurred.  It took weeks for the swelling of his face to return to normal. No word on his next fight. Lightweight Arlo “Fists Full of Aces” Arguetta  has returned to boxing  after taking care of some personal issues. 9 months ago he said “No Mas.” Arlo is a good kid and a very talented  young fighter. He might fight at the Celebrity Theatre on June 16.

Unfortunately some sports fans are idiots as witnessed by some out of control fans attending the Night of Legends 2 show on April 21 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. 4 scheduled  fights into the evening, a  fight broke out in the audience and at least a dozen people began duking it out. There were at least two women seen throwing punches and both females punched as if it wasn’t their  first time to make a fist. The blame for such an incident falls squarely on the Celebrity Theatre. They’re responsible  for  security and on April 21 the facility and its’ occupants were left unprotected.

Eventually, Phoenix police arrived and subdued the trouble makers with a strong dose  of mace and some good old fashioned  muscle. It should have never happened. Thanks to the mace, it looked like one section was watching the classic romantic movie Love Story instead of hard core boxing.

Too bad…it wasn’t fair to the boxers who wanted to impress their fans. There were several exciting  bouts worth mentioning. On the under card: Chris Lopez and David Yanez went toe to toe for 4 rounds. Lopez was declared the winner but the majority of fans disagreed. Lopez’s management declined to answer if there fighter would give Yanez a rematch. Fans would like to see the 128 pounders rumble again.

Another close and controversial  contest pitted  123 lb amateurs Francisco C’ De Vaca vs. Edgar Brito….despite fan disapproval, De Vaca won on the scorecard. Brito is a scrapper. Undefeated  135 lb Victor Castro won by TKO and continues to improve each time out. In the main event, 140 lb Abel Ramos delivered with a TKO win  over Joel Gonzales. According to boxing gossip,  Ramos is on the verge of being signed by a major promotions company. It couldn’t happen to a nicer kid.

Iron Boy’s next show at the Celebrity is scheduled for June 16.

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