Bryant Jennings, the best American heavyewight prospect according to Freddie Roach, in action June 16

During the June 1st NBC Sports Network Fight Night broadcast, Freddie Roach commented, “I think Bryant Jennings is the best prospect America has right now in the heavyweight division.”

Jennings shared his thoughts on this, “I totally went crazy after I heard that! He had told me personally, but when he announced it on national television I was blown away. Freddie knows boxing.” When asked if he agreed with Roach, Jennings said, “I work pretty hard and I do see myself as one of the best , if not the best.”

Fred Jenkins, Manager/Trainer for Jennings said, “Bryant has the potential to be the greatest heavyweight of all time. He is still learning and that makes all things possible.”

Jennings’ promoter, Russell Peltz, of Peltz Boxing, commented, “All you hear about is Tyson Fury, Seth Mitchell, David Price, and yet Bryant Jennings is the one they should be talking about.”

Bryant “By By”Jennings will face Steve “Freight Train” Collins on NBC Sports Network “Fight Night” June 16. The NBCSN broadcast will begin at 9PM ET.

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