Bute receives Canadian citizenship

Credit: Interbox

Lucian Bute was sworn in as a Canadian Citizen earlier today at an Official ceremony held at St-Dorothy Elementary School in the district of Saint-Michel in Montreal.  Lucian was sworn in by Judge the Honorable Mr. Gilles Duguay and was visibly emotional during the entire procedure.

Lucian was accompanied by InterBox President Mr. Jean Bedard, head coach Stephan Larouche and his close friends from Romania and Canada.  Lucian was pleasantly surprised to see so many media and journalists make the trip to witness this happy occasion.

Credit: Interbox

“I just experienced one of the most important moments of my life” stated Lucian Bute, who shared this Ceremony with 29 other newly inducted Canadian Citizens.

“I have been preparing for this day for the last 5 years.  I felt like a true Quebecker and Canadian long ago, but today I am very proud to obtain my Canadian Citizenship.  My origins are Romanian, but it is important to me to implicate myself fully in my adopted Country of Canada.  I am very lucky to have been received so well in this Country since I set foot here for good in 2003.  It is my choice to live here and it makes me happy to know I am a real Canadian citizen now”.

The entire InterBox team is extremely proud of Lucian, who integrated fully into Quebec and Canadian culture since his arrival here in 2003.  Lucian took courses to learn French, received his Masters in Sports Management in Romania and has been taking English courses to become trilingual.  “We always considered Lucian one of us.  He has always been integrated in Community life, learned both Official languages (French and English) and has always felt at home here in Quebec.  I am here to show my support and to congratulate him for all these achievements” states Jean Bedard.

Bute Becomes Canadian Citizen: Video

Lucian leave for an intensive 6 week training camp in Florida with Stephan Larouche. Lucian will be defending his IBF Super middleweight title for a tenth consecutive time on May 26th 2012 in Nottingham. His opponent will be Super Six finalist Carl Froch.

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