Chavez vs. Martinez 24/7 episode 2 recap

Credit: Ed Diller

The second episode of the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez 24/7 series debuted on Saturday night. The Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez bout takes place on Saturday night, September 15th, from Las Vegas, NV, and the preparations for each team have of course been winding down. Take a look inside both sides right here, as we bring you a complete rundown of the Chavez vs. Martinez 24 7 episode 2 recap.

Credit: Ed Diller

First thing first here in Chavez-Martinez 24-7 episode 2, we look back at last week’s episode. That includes JCC Jr. coming to terms with his father, and Maravilla discussing his start in the sport and what got him to this point.

Now, we’re in Las Vegas and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is hard at work at midnight, jogging around the streets, doing what he has to do, whenever he wants to do it. The hot climate is what he is used to, so he has no problems getting to work here.

Apparently, Chavez sleeps through the day, and wakes up in the early evening. Meanwhile, his father hits up the treadmill and runs six miles per day. Julio Cesar Chavez himself looks like he is fit enough to fight right now. But it’s Chavez Jr.’s turn now, and he wakes himself up by jumping in the pool, and using everything he has acquired, the family he has supporting him, and the support of trainer Freddie Roach.

Now we switch to team Martinez here in Chavez-Martinez 24/7 episode 2. Right as JCC Jr. talks shit about Martinez’s age, we see Maravilla hanging in a hyperbolic chamber. It’s to help improve his stamina and strength throughout the entire length of a bout, and he counts it as one of the main secrets of his success.

He heads to the gym for a 10-round sparring session, which is rare, because Martinez doesn’t spar that much. He might spar 60 rounds in a camp, as opposed to fighters who may do two or three or even more times that figure. According to them, it keeps him hungry and fresh.

With less sparring, there are other activities in camp. This includes a rope web being set up, to allow him to duck in and out, move throughout the ring and simulate a fight. Martinez is ready to take Chavez’s belt.

Back in Vegas, and Chavez Jr. is late for his workout with Roach. A 7 pm workout was set with Roach to work the mitts, and Roach says that Chavez is basically a bit unusual.  He waits and waits around, and finally gets a call that Chavez isn’t coming to the gym. Roach seems like he’s at his wits end, and is ready to give up on this kid, and that he’s never seen anything like this. Roach clarifies that he has never said no to him… it’s just that he doesn’t show up all the time.

But, the next day is a fresh start, and Chavez Jr. shows up ready for instruction. He explains he took a day off, and listened to his body to do what was best for him.

At Team Martinez, both Maravilla and trainer Pablo Sarmiento talk about how they are a great fight for one another. We see the two of them interacting together, from grilling up food together to just hanging out, and now the two of them complement one another and what they’re trying to achieve.  The two of them then break down some tape of Chavez to try to work out their game plan.

“It’s a farce that Junior is world champion. It’s embarrassing.” – Martinez.

Conversely, we see the other side of the equation when Chavez Sr. and many of the team members look at tape of Martinez. But Chavez Jr. himself isn’t there. He’s still sleeping it off. He wakes up later, and strolls out in his pink briefs, bemused at his father being so attuned to the situation as he chomps on some cereal. It’s a pretty hilarious scene.

Later, he goes for a dip in the pool, then does a full on mitts workout in the house. Then we switch back to Maravilla’s side of the world, where Martinez and his trainer Sarmiento are going to get fitted for some clothes, and pick out some new styles.

But we’re back to training, and Maravilla heads on an early AM jog and talks about remembering where he comes from, and what this all means. He jokes if Chavez is still sleeping and hopes he has been training, for his sake.

And now we switch to montage mode as 24/7 Episode 2 Chavez vs. Martinez winds down. We hear narration about what got the fighters here, what makes them different and what they are fighting for as we see footage of them training in the gym.

Thanks for checking out our coverage of the Chavez vs. Martinez 24/7 episode 2. Be sure to keep checking back with us all week long as we bring you nonstop continuing updates and news on the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez middleweight championship fight.

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