JuanMa vs. Salido II Preview Videos: Flashback, Salido Arrival

This weekend, the Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido rematch takes place in Puerto Rico, and the fight will be shown live on Showtime. Right here, you can check out several different videos on JuanMa vs. Salido II, including a special video flashback to the first epic fight from almost a year ago. Watch the videos here and get pumped for the action this weekend.

The video above is of Salido’s media day at the gym. You’ll see Salido working the heavy bag and hitting the mitts, and doing some other work in the gym. Then, below, watch Salido’s arrival in Puerto Rico, with the big fight now just days away.

Finally, the third video is from Showtime, and it’s a 90 second flashback to the first fight, showing a lot of the action and the dramatic conclusion of the fight.

So enjoy the JuanMa-Salido II videos above, and remember to tune in this Saturday night to Showtime and check out the rematch to see if JuanMa Lopez can get his career back on track, or whether Salido is going to put a stamp on his first performance with another win.

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