Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Highlights Video: Greatest Hits from HBO Boxing

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is back in action this weekend, defending his (Fake) WBC middleweight title against Marco Antonio Rubio, in a fight many are calling the toughest of his career to date. Before you watch JCC Jr. vs. Rubio, right here, you can watch his greatest hits. Check out this HBO Boxing Chavez Jr. highlights video, featuring some of his best in the ring moments as brought to you by the network.

This is a pretty nice collection of highlights from Chavez Jr. and his time in the ring thus far. What you can see is a fighter who is growing more confident and capable, is a great body puncher, and has a pretty complete offensive collection. His defense isn’t the best – but that’s part of what makes him exciting to watch, as he’ll slug it out in there and trade with the guys he goes up against. Of course, trying to do that against Rubio may prove to be a disaster.

In any event, enjoy the Chavez Jr. video highlights collection from HBO Boxing and then watch him live on Saturday night.

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