Martinez vs. Macklin video preview: fighters talk MSG St. Patrick’s Day clash

In this special HBO boxing video preview, you get an inside look at the upcoming middleweight title fight between Sergio Martinez and Matthew Macklin. It’s called “Martinez vs. Macklin conversation”, and the video features extended one-on-one sessions with each man, as he talks about the upcoming fight, what it means, and how they think the fight will play out in the ring.

Both guys talk about how big of an event it is to be fighting in Madison Square Garden in New York City, and on St. Patrick’s Day. They also both mention how they have a respect for one another, but come fight night, that all has to go out the window.

Macklin is confident, in part because he’s the naturally bigger and stronger guy. Martinez has been waiting all of his life for a stage like this one, and he’s ready to go out and put on another exciting performance as he continues to establish his place amongst the elite fighters in the world.

So will it be Maravilla or Mack the Knife on St. Patrick’s Day in the Garden? We’ll see in a few short weeks, and until then, enjoy this Martinez-Macklin preview video Conversation and keep checking back for more updates before fight night arrives.

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