Mayweather-Cotto NYC presser pictures & notes

Credit: All City Boxing
Credit: All City Boxing

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto press tour continued earlier this week, landing in New York City, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Right here, you’ll find a huge Mayweather-Cotto photo gallery featuring up close and personal pics from the press conference, as well as some notes from the event and how it all went down. Take a look.

NYC Press Conference Mayweather vs. Cotto Pictures

At the event, besides talk of Mayweather-Cotto and what that meant, there was also lots of talk – as you might expect – on the always looming mega bout of Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather said that Pacquiao has to step up and take the test to prove he’s not a cheater, and that Mayweather is on a different class from the rest of those guys and cheaters out there – like Margarito. Mayweather also commented that nobody deserves a 50/50 split with him, including Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd feels like the reason the fight hasn’t been made yet, and will still be hard to make, is because Bob Arum from Top Rank likes to make Top Rank only fights, and to keep the majority of the money. If Pacquiao and Arum are having problems with how the money is getting split, that’s up to them.

Cotto, as usual, was more quiet and stoic than anything else. He says the power advantage lies with him, and that he will be the first to defeat Floyd Mayweather. It’s interesting that even in the opening press conferences, a guy with the resume and class of Cotto has been relegated to sideshow to the Floyd Mayweather spectacle, and the pure speculation and nonsense regarding a fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Of course, all of that could work in Cotto’s favor come fight night, if Mayweather and his team continue to look past him and onto bigger things.

Also attending the press conference was Mayweather’s good friend 50 cent. You can see from some of the images above, 50 Cent was hanging out at the presser table and stage with Mayweather and the Money Team, also including most notably trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather, and adviser Leonard Ellerbe.

Enjoy the NYC Mayweather-Cotto presser notes & the huge photo gallery above.

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