More on Victor Ortiz-Josesito Lopez: huge fight night photo gallery

Credit: Carlos Baeza / Thompson Boxing

If you tuned into Showtime on Saturday night, you saw two sensational fights, topped off by the exciting bout between Victor Ortiz and Josesito Lopez. Lopez scored the shocking 9th round TKO win in a back and forth, hotly contested affair, when he broke Ortiz’s jaw with a crushing flush left hook. Ortiz looked ready to continue, but ultimately, the fight had to be called off. Right here, you can find a huge collection of fight night Ortiz vs. Lopez pictures, to see for yourself all of the great action.

Watching the fight live, you couldn’t tell that Ortiz had suffered a broken jaw. All you saw was him being tagged with a few good shots in the midst of many back and forth, rapid fire exchanges. In fact, it seemed like Ortiz had bowed out – something we’ve seen from him in the past, but that wasn’t the case.

All you had to do was try to listen to him talk after the fight – he could barely speak with the badly broken jaw. A fantastic outcome for Lopez, a fighter you just have to root for and like.

Nevertheless, it left a disappointed Saul “Canelo” Alvarez shaking his head in disappointment. Of course, we won’t see Canelo vs. Ortiz now, and the undefeated Mexican superstar will be back on the hunt for a September opponent.

In the Ortiz-Lopez photos above, you’ll see a lot of great shots of Josesito doing his work. He was the huge upset against “Vicious” Victor, but that never bothers him. Lopez has been an upset specialist for his whole career, so it was just another fight for him, and a huge opportunity. He rose to the occasion, overcame alot of adversity in the fight, including the bruises and injuries you can see in the photo gallery above, and more.

We’ll have much more for you in the coming days on the Ortiz vs. Lopez results, including rankings updates and more post-fight coverage.

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