The Buzz “On Freddie Roach” HBO Video from New York Premiere

The HBO documentary series On Freddie Roach debuted this past Friday evening, and it has certainly had people talking already. Right here, you can watch the special HBO video of The Buzz, taken at the New York premiere of On Freddie Roach. Take a look and see what Freddie thinks of the show, what director Peter Berg has to say about the show’s concept, and what HBO boxing mainstays like Jim Lampley and Harold Lederman think about the show as well.

You can see there was a big crowd at the NYC premiere of the documentary series, including not only the names above but some other notable figures in boxing, former fighters, and more. Lampley looked like he was all choked up about it and the story and mentions how it’s not a story they’re telling, they’re just showing it to you and bringing you inside Roach’s life, a guy who doesn’t want anybody to feel sorry for him because he’s doing what he loves and has it great. Enjoy the HBO Buzz video from the New York premiere of On Freddie Roach

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