Video: HBO Real Sports talk with Orlando Cruz, first out gay boxer

Orlando Cruz made national headlines a few weeks ago when he came out as openly gay, being the first active professional boxer to do so, and one of just a small handful of active athletes in any sport to do so. HBO’s Real Sports sat down with Cruz for an extensive interview and video feature segment for their show. Right here, you can find a preview video of that interview and see what Cruz has to say.

Cruz says he was scared about doing this and dealing with this. In the past, before and after going to the gym, he would be crying and unable to cope with it. He says that he came out as gay now in order to get more respect and comfort in the ring, and out on the street as well. He’s happy that he did it, and he’s ready to really get going with his career as well.

Take a look at the preview video and then tune into the next episode of HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel to see the complete piece.

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