Video: Lampley & Kellerman talk Lamont Peterson & his failed drug test

HBO’s new series The Fight Game with Jim Lampley has debuted, giving the Sweet Science a high profile outlet to be discussed and debated. Right here, you can find a special bonus video from the show featuring Lampley and Max Kellerman talking about Lamont Peterson and his failed drug test, which crashed his rematch with Amir Khan, which was supposed to take place this coming weekend. Watch the clip right here.

In the video, Kellerman talks a lot about Peterson’s backstory, and how amazing it is that he and his brother have gotten to where they are, from the extremely rough background they have, basically living homeless on the streets of Washington D.C. as children. Then, to reach the pinnacle and defeat Amir Khan, and to request for drug testing before the rematch, and then clearly fail the tests… it’s just shocking stuff and hard to piece it together.

Enjoy the HBO Boxing Fight Game with Jim Lampley video bonus material right here.

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