Video: Sergio Martinez greatest hits & highlights from HBO Boxing

In just a few short weeks, middleweight champion Sergio Martinez will defend the real title of the division against Matthew Macklin, on St. Patrick’s Day in Madison Square Garden. Right here, boxing fans can check out a fantastic highlights video from HBO Boxing, the greatest hits of Sergio Martinez. Watch the 10-minute clip and enjoy taking in all of the best of Maravilla.

It seems like Sergio Martinez has been around and in boxing’s spotlight forever, but that’s not the case. And when he first started to break out, it seemed like he’d never get a fair shake. He had to deal with the ridiculous outcome of the Kermit Cintron fight, another questionable decision against Paul Williams, and a lack of people wanting to take him on.

Then he shocked Kelly Pavlik and took home the titles, knocked out Paul Williams in 2 rounds, and has been cruising ever since. Of course, the big names still don’t want to fight him, but Maravilla continues to make his presence felt regardless.

You can see him in action against all of these guys and more, including video highlights from his stoppage wins over Darren Barker and Sergiy Dzinziruk, right here in this HBO Boxing Greatest Hits Sergio Martinez video.

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