Amir Khan reacts to John Joe Nevin’s decision to remain amateur

Irish Olympian John Joe Nevin has reversed his decision to turn professional opting instead to remain in the amateur circuit, as was revealed as we discussed his inclusion on the British Lionhearts World Series of Boxing team.

Super Fight Promotions were made aware of this late last night by his representative Lynn Hunter who revealed his planned participation in the WSB tournament, and while they are disappointed by his decision, would like to sincerely wish him the very best of luck if he feels this is the best choice at this point in his career.

Amir Khan, founder of Super Fight Promotions, said: “It’s disappointing that John Joe will be staying amateur as I firmly believe that he has the potential to make big waves in the professional scene. Nevertheless, I respect his decision to represent the British Lionhearts in the World Series of Boxing and do not rule out the possibility of working with him in the future.”

John Joe Nevin was previously announced as one of the first signees to Khan’s new promotional outlet.

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