Floyd Mayweather Sr. Interview: Pacquiao Got Whupped

ProBoxing-Fans.com recently had a chance to catch up with self proclaimed “best trainer in boxing”, Floyd Mayweather Sr. During the interview Floyd Sr. talked about his brief association with Fernando Vargas, his thoughts on the recent Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez fight, if he has any regrets about not being in Oscar De La Hoya’s corner when he fought Floyd Jr. in light of the current friction with his son as viewed on 24/7 and much more…

ProBoxing-Fans.com (PBF): Who are you currently working with now?

Floyd Sr. (FS): I don’t even know all their names man. Different fighters, pound for pound. Got a couple girls, couple guys, got about 14-15 fighters.

PBF: There was some talk that Fernando Vargas was training with you out in Las Vegas. Is that true? What happened with the two of you?

FS: Oh Yeah. I was workin with him. Nothing really happened. He just one day decided to stop. I don’t know his reason. He just decided to stop.

PBF: So Fernando is not gonna make a come back as far as you know?

FS: Far as I know, he’s not.

PBF: What do you think about the Pacquiao-Marquez fight? What are your thoughts?

FS: Pacquiao got his ass whupped!

PBF: You think so?

FS: I know so. You a boxing fan? What do you think?

PBF: I’m lookin at Marquez’s face, lookin at Pac’s face after the fight and the boxing stats.

FS: We talkin about boxing man. OK?  Nothing else. You sittin up here you a Pacquiao fan. You talkin to the wrong person.

PBF: You think Pacquio lost? I respect that, look I’ve never laced up a pair of gloves and had a pro-fight.

FS: Thank you. Now we talkin. That explain everything right there. You don’t know what you lookin at man. You don’t know what you lookin at man. Pacquiao got his ass whupped!

PBF: In your opinion Pacquaio lost the fight?

FS: Look man, what did I say? Pac got his ass whupped!

PBF: What do you think about your son’s fight against Ortiz?

FS: What do you think?

PBF: I think obviously Floyd Jr was the better man and Ortiz wasn’t in his league. It was a foregone conclusion of what Floyd was gonna do (win by KO). What were your thoughts?

FS: Is that all you think about the fight? Referee told them to fight. My son didn’t do nothing wrong. The Referee told them to continue. He gave instructions and you supposed to protect yourself at all times and he did that.

PBF: Do you think your son is still pound for pound right now the best fighter in the game?

FS: I know he the best PFP! They not trying to fight my son. That what it’s all about. Pacquiao got to take the test. If he take the test Floyd gonna give him an ass whupping. Pacquio cannot beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

PBF: Pacquiao started out at 108 1bs (Flyweight). Your son started out as a junior lightweight (130lbs). They both fought as high as 154 lb., Pacquiao against Margarito for the 154lb title and  Floyd against Oscar for the 154lb title. Is it a fair assessment against Pacquio as far as a cloud of suspicion in how he put on all that weight and is competing on such a high level?

FS: My son has not done nothing wrong. Pacquio got to take the test. My beef against Pacquiao and Margarito it was not a straight fair win.

PBF: Many fans saw the episode of 24/7 on HBO. Will you and Floyd ever have a relationship? Why do you and Floyd have friction after all these years?

FS: Man I thought you wanted to talk boxing.

PBF: I do. This is related to boxing. That what makes it so fascinating. Your relationship with your son and boxing go hand in hand. Trying to keep it real for the readers who want to know. Whether I’m in a bar or restaurant the fans want to know. They ask me these questions.

FS: Not sure we will ( Reconciling with son, Floyd Jr.).

PBF: Some boxing writers speculate that you didn’t want to train Oscar when he fought your son.

FS: I never did give Oscar (De La Hoya) the call anyway. Whether I wanted to get in there or not, it didn’t happen.

PBF: Do you have any regrets you weren’t in Oscar’s corner against your son?

FBS: I’m not ever gonna regret being in another man’s corner fightin against my son. To me that bear on me mostly then my son. It took a toll on both of us. It’s a lot behind all that.

PBF: Is there currently a fighter in boxing  whether it be Bradley,  Khan, or Berto that could possible beat your son?

FS: Nope.

PBF: If you ever got the call like, Manny Steward, to train a Berto, Bradley, or Khan if they were looking for a new trainer to prepare against your son, would you do it?

FS:  That thing with De La Hoya didn’t go through. The Lord made it not go through. I’m not trying to train no one against my son. Whether he’s (Floyd Jr.) the best or the worst.

PBF: Mr. Mayweather, thank you for your time. Look forward to seeing you at the fights. Happy Holidays.

FS: Thank you.


  1. here is the self proclaim best chicken dad again! like the son, he is showing a low character and IQ !!!

  2. i just dont get how some media people still wasting their time interviewing the family of criminals mayweather. mayweather sr is certified drug dealer and smuggler and roger is certified woman chocker, and floyd himself is certified ex-wife beater. these family of criminals are talking how pacquiao is a b-class figther and that pacquiao has no skill and that floyd jr will whuup pacquiao ass and that floyd will beat pacquiao with or without steroids and yet they still wants pacquiao to do all of floyds demands before he fights pacquiao. they talking a lot of BS and the people still believes what these family of criminals has to say.

  3. mayweathers were always saying, pacquiao got his ass whupped, pacquaio will be KOd, one dimensional, a B fighter, etc. when they asked by media of fighting pacquiao, their excuses is “take the test. . .take the test. how could they realize their supremacy in the sport if they cant even tell floyd not to scare pacquiao anymore and fight.

  4. It takes guts to achieve glory….Fraud Jr and Sr don’t have both…they cannot even walk their talks. Are they credible after all these lame posturing and maligning the true best fighter who they deeply know WILL deliver?

  5. The trouble with Mayweather Sr.(and Roger Mayweather) is that he (they)is boasting that Floyd Jr. can easily whup Pacquiao’s ass, and yet they are attaching the condition that Pacquiao should take the test. What I am saying here is: if they are really sure that Floyd can EASILY eliminate the Filipino champion, then why are the still keep on insisting on the condition that Pacquiao should take the test? If really they really convinced of what they are saying, then Floyd should fight Pac without the conditions of “blood testing”. Otherwise they are talking vaguely.




  7. look whos talking the addicted drug pusher and user the ducking chickens dad lol……….. on high

  8. ellerbe announced floyd is gonna fight on may 5 at mgm possibly with the little fella. many thought it was pacquiao. arum said it was morales. when asked, floydie said he never knew he was fighting pacquiao in may. he added that he probably will fight in february and definitely its not gonna be with pacquiao. i suspect the may 5 bs was an attempt by ellerbe and schaeffer to secure the may 5 date ahead of arum. they knew top rank likes the hispanic market. now with arum eyeing out a 4th fight between pacquiao and marquez on may5, the mayweather ppl and golden boy prom are scrambling hard to get the may-pac fight signed on paper. now the questions are: is it good pairing a black guy and an asian fella fighting on a mexican holiday? which bout do you think the very large mexican community will pay money for to watch on cinco de mayo: pac-may, may-ortiz II, or pac-marquez IV?

  9. People from both sides of the aisles in the boxing sport community, Medias and fans are continuously being brain wash by Floyd that he is their number one p4p fighter when he is so reluctant to engage fighting without random blood test written in the contract. This kind of attitude from any boxers, correct me if I am wrong, should not be entitled best p4p in boxing sport because he is simply no gut boxer to claim that he is to be that.

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