Official Amir Khan statement to fans

Amir Khan has a released an official statement to his fans across the globe following his knockout loss over the weekend. Below, find the statement in its entirety as Khan shares his thoughts on the loss and what’s next.

I would like to thank all my fans and well wishers for the amazing support I’ve had from you since my defeat on Saturday night. Obviously the fight never went as planned but credit has to go to Danny Garcia who caught me with a good shot in the third round that I couldn’t fully recover from.

I guess that’s boxing, where one punch can change everything, it’s the reason so many fans love the sport. Many fighters down the years have bounced back from defeat to prove their greatness and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I’ve never shirked any challenge or refused to fight anyone in my division even though it would have been easy for me to do so. Some may say that attitude is the wrong one to have but I’ve always wanted to please the fans and be involved in exciting fights because many of you pay good money to come and watch me, and it’s only right that you get to see the best fighting the best, especially in an age when so many top fighters hand-pick opponents.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks relaxing during Ramadan and recharging my batteries after what was a 16 week training camp for me. I’ll then sit down with my team to assess the options in front of me.

Well done to Danny Garcia on his performance, but I promise that I’ll bounce back stronger than ever as I look to regain my spot at the top of the 140lb division.

Amir Khan

While it certainly was a crushing defeat, let’s remember – the guy is still just 25 years old. So he has more than enough time to come back yet again, better than ever.

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  1. Amir Khan really looked spectacular in that fight. His hand speed was amazing, his shots crisp and he brought a style of fight that was very exciting to watch because he was not afraid to take risks.

    Garcia, to his credit, kept plugging – and caught Khan. Khan’s legs never seemed to recover – but he bravely fought back time and time again.

    So much credit to both fighters – that is what boxing is about. Pretty Boy Floyd may keep a perfect record by ducking every meaningful challenge (not to mention fighting very defensively in a most risk-averse style) – but I respect Khan a lot more.

    After the fight, Khan was classy as can be too.

    USA Fight Fan

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