Robert Guerrero & Saul Alvarez on Mayweather’s Opponent List

Guerrero Still Making Push to Land Mayweather Fight

With the news that Floyd Mayweather has been able to postpone his jail sentence, and train and prepare for a May 5th fight, the debate has shifted to who Mayweather may be facing.

Lem Satterfield of reports that according to Richard Schaefer, the candidates other than Manny Pacquiao appear to have been narrowed down to RING No. 2-rated lightweight Robert Guerrero, a five-belt winner over the course of three divisions, and RING No. 2-ranked junior middleweight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, holder of his division’s WBC crown.

Guerrero went on to say, “I’m happy that Floyd Mayweather was able to work out his legal problems, giving him more time to spend with his family.  It’s been known that I’ve been seeking a fight with him since he announced his May 5th date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.   I’ve done everything in boxing to garner a mega-fight with Floyd.  I’m undefeated in six world title fights, including a championship overseas.  Out of those six fights, four of them ended by KO.  Also I want to say, If I get this mega fight with Floyd Mayweather, I’m going to donate a sizeable portion of my purse to cancer research.”

Guerrero continued, “Cinco de Mayo is one of the biggest weekends for boxing throughout history.  I will represent the Mexican and boxing fans worldwide with honor and pride if Floyd chooses me.  Believe me when I say this, I will shock the world and be the first fighter to dethrone Mayweather.”


  1. i think pacman has a bit doubt fighting idea…look at mayweather his fighting smaller boxer and unlike pacman who fought bigger class fighter still people thought his better..use our common sense here which is not very common anyway,who is better a bigger guy who fought smaller opponent or a smaller who became winner of bigger class opponent…if nobody could understand here is the simple one 1+1=what?

    • English? You speak it Rey

      English, do you speak it? As for who fought who Let’s play a game.

      Why were Mosley, Hatton and Marquez ok to fight for Pac Man but not Mayweather? Mayweather beat these guys before or in the case of Marquez beat him much more convincingly then Pacquio.

      When Pac Man fought Oscar he weight drained him to fight at under 150 for the first time in over 5 years. When Mayweather fought him he fought Oscar in Oscar’s weight divison of 154.

      When Pac Man fought Cotto he made him go down to 145 even though the weight class was 147, why weight drain a fighter?

      I’m tired of these Pac Man lovers sticking up for a Great Fight but not a GREAT Boxer. Case and point is Bought Pacman and Mayweather want the fight, Only BOB ARUM doesn’t.

      • Let’s just wait and see what happens first before we slam people. Mayweather getting an extention from jail changes a whole lot of things, lets just hope for the best and maybe we get the fight we want. The negotiations for a fight of this magnitude (which we haven’t seen in the last 10 yrs.) would have to happen rather quickly for a late May fight. It would have to be a lot of people working together on a lot of things to make it happen,and we have seen breakdowns on both sides before this. The biggest question I’ve always had is, “why did Mayweather schedule already on the biggest Mexican holiday”? It may not be, but it seems he has already made his decision that it’s going to be a Mexican he’s fighting in May.

  2. I guess 1+1 is hard to solve,let me explain the real sense here,Pacman came from the very bottom weight class division,have you ever see a man in boxing history did what he has done?Can you see another featherweight in a century to do the same?Are you a boxer or a trainer,because all this big boxer thought they can knock out Pacman,and they were eager to do those having in mind that they will be more known if they win…but..a smaller guy won as always,why,think about it man.Mayweather is great and i agree with you,he will be greater if he fights sergio martinez which means he needs to put more weights like pacman did..Pacman is smaller than Mayweather and you know that,way too small for a great guy like him.

  3. Rey-
    Before you start talking about what weight class pac has come from please do your homework on flyod because he too started out at a very low weight class and the fact is this flyod has beaten the bigger guys. All of flyod and pac common opponents always were lighter in weight during their bouts with pac and thats a fact… Do your homework before you start repeating things that you heard. True boxing fans at least know that flyod also came from a low boxing weight.

  4. I really dislike Mayweather! He picks his fighters and never fights those who are in their prime! He can tweet whatever he wants to, but he still an undefeated coward in my books. Yes Pac did not win the fight against Marquez, but the same thing is going to happen to Pac if he does not wins the fight in a dramatic fashion. ie, knocks him down. I believe Mayweather is a great fighter, but it really pisses me of that he never wanted to fight Pac or Cotto. I’m not saying that Cotto will beat Mayweather, but it is what the boxing fans wants to watch, and that is what Congress Man Pacman is giving everyone, and he looks for alternatives if he can’t get “No proof Mayweather”

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