Video: Mike Tyson interviewed by Jim Rome

Mike Tyson has been keeping his name out there these days and making the media rounds. His latest appearance was on the new Jim Rome Show on Showtime. Right here, watch a video of Mike Tyson being interviewed by Jim Rome to see what he had to say, including some of the usual quality Tyson comments.

The Baddest Man on the Planet, Mike Tyson, goes the distance and answers 10 Questions with Jim Rome. Check out this excerpt of Iron Mike in rare form. The show debuted on December 26th, and will be replayed over the coming weeks on the Showtime networks.

Rome asks Tyson some very interesting questions, ranging from why he didn’t celebrate his early knockout wins, to who Tyson would want to fight throughout history. Tyson also has this choice quote to remember “All I did was fight, fornicate and go to court!”

Definitely worth a quick watch!

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