Videos: Top Rank’s Fight of the Year & Round of the Year candidates

It’s boxing award season, and if you’ve been tuning into the site, then you’ve seen all of the 2012 Boxing Awards from already handed out. But promoter Top Rank still wants to make their case heard for some of their fighters and fights from the past 12 months. Right here, you can watch video clip highlights of their Fight of the Year and Round of the Year candidates. Sit back and enjoy, lots of good stuff below.

Top Rank Round of the Year Candidates

They have many Round of the Year nominees, including:

Pacquiao – Marquez 4 – Round 5:

Rios – Alvarado – Round 5:

Chavez – Martínez – Round 12:

Lopez – Salido 2 – Round 9:

Top Rank’s Fight of the Year Candidates

Pacquiao – Marquez 4:

Rios – Alvarado:

Lopez – Salido 2:

Alvarado – Herrera:

Certainly this was a lot of the best action of the year. And we’ll give you a hint — one of each of the Top Rank nominees listed above won our 2012 Award for both Fight of the Year and Round of the Year. Top Rank continued its dominance as well, as one of its fighters won Fighter of the Year! So enjoy the above videos and check out our official awards to see who won what, and why.

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