Video of JuanMa-Salido II Round 9- Round of the Year Candidate

The Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II fight this past weekend was a thrilling encounter. Salido proved his doubters wrong by scoring the stoppage win again, earning a 10th round TKO victory. In round 9 though, the two fighters engaged in an intense, nonstop, back and forth battle, and the round is an early frontrunner to be round of the year. Right here, you can watch the video of JuanMa vs. Salido II Round 9.

This clip is actually just about 90 seconds long, so you won’t see the entire round, but you’ll see the bulk of the action and the highlights.

If you didn’t get to see the fight at all over the weekend, then you can tune in tonight, March 13th, on Showtime Extreme at 10 pm to watch the replay.

Round 9 from Lopez vs. Salido II is definitely a round of the year frontrunner, and the entire fight will be up there at the end of the year for Fight of the Year as well. So enjoy the video highlights above and see how it all went down.

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