Videos: Floyd Mayweather as an amateur fighting in the 1993 Golden Gloves

Floyd Mayweather has shared some videos on his YouTube page of his amateur days. Right here, you can watch little Pretty Boy Floyd fighting in 1993 as a 16-year-old fighter in the 106 lb division at the Golden Gloves Championships. He wins the tournament and of course, it’s only onward and upward from there.

Below you’ll find part 1 of the video. After that, you can watch the rest of the parts in the series by visiting Mayweather’s video page on YouTube or clicking the other videos which appear afterward. It’s interesting to see any well known fighter and how they appeared when they were still young, and that’s certainly the case with Mayweather, whose style and skill are so well known and analyzed.

Plus, as a bonus, you can check out this Floyd Mayweather video as he hangs out with Adrien Broner in Las Vegas. Mayweather refers to Broner as his little bro. You can clearly see the Mayweather influence in terms of style and persona. Of course, Broner would love to one day take over Floyd’s spot in boxing. He’s like a Mayweather-in-training. World better watch out!

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