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Super Featherweight Division Rankings

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The Super Featherweight division has seen some major star power leave its ranks in the past half decade, from old legends like Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, to the likes Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner. Now, new names from featherweight are moving up to these waters once again, highlighted by Mikey Garcia -- although his stay may be brief. So what's next at 130 lbs, and who are the big dogs left in the Super Featherweight division rankings?

Super featherweight division rankings (130 lbs.) last updated March 2014

  • Super Featherweight Division Champion: Vacant

Top 10 Super Featherweight Contenders

  1. Mikey Garcia - One of the most technically sound and proficient fighters in the sport, Mikey made an excellent debut in the division by defeating Roman Martinez with ease, despite a surprise flash knockdown early on. A solid, if rather ho-hum, type of win over Juan Carlos Burgos came next.
  2. Takashi Uchiyama - Through 22 pro fights, he's undefeated and has 17 knockout wins. He became the WBA champion after knocking out Juan Carlos Salgado, the man who dethroned Jorge Linares via TKO1. He has since defended the title seven times, all but one of which have been TKO victories, also excluding a technical draw, the only blemish on his ledger.
  3. Takashi Miura - After losing to Uchiyama a few years ago, he got a big fight chance against Gamaliel Diaz and capitalized with a 9th round TKO title win. Defeated Sergio Thompson in a fight which saw each man hitting the canvas, and secured another win in December over Dante Jardon.
  4. Rances Barthelemy - Barthelemy, that's Kid Blast to you, remains undefeated, although it's Arash Usmanee, who some feel deserved the decision against him, who received a title shot first. Barthelemy displayed his talent though by blowing out Argenis Mendez to capture his own belt. Maybe there will be a rematch with Usmanee in the works.
  5. Arash Usmanee - Many believed he defeated Barthelemy but just didn't receive a fair shake on the scorecards. Next, he challenged Argenis Mendez, then one of the hottest fighters in the division, and came away with a draw. Time to take him seriously.
  6. Gary Russell Jr. - What's frustrating about Gary Russell Jr. is that we've seen the immense talent for years. But it's been such a painstakingly slow rise to the top. Can we finally see this guy in there with somebody who could at least challenge him in some way? Should have been fighting for titles in 2011. Ranked his high only due to his talent, has done nothing of note.
  7. Juan Carlos Burgos - Won 5 straight in the division, including wins over then-undefeated Luis Cruz, and former titleholder Cristobal Cruz. Note: if your last name is Cruz, skip your upcoming date against Burgos. He'll win. Defeated Cesar Vazquez, another undefeated fighter, and then deserved to defeat Rocky Martinez, but was on the wrong end of some bad scoring. Had a huge chance against Mikey Garcia, but was outclassed there, although there's no real shame in that.
  8. Juan Manuel Lopez - JuanMa makes a triumphant return to the top 10 of a division, with his 130 lbs debut and quick KO of former foe Daniel Ponce de Leon. JuanMa has some flaws in his game -- big ones, and we know what they are. But he's still a major threat. So how
  9. Will Tomlinson - The undefeated Aussie, Wild Will, is coming off a win over Malcolm Klassen. That's about five years past when it really would have meant something, but nonetheless, his biggest win to date.
  10. Argenis Mendez - Mendez was on a real hot streak heading into a vacant title shot against Juan Carlos Salgado. He lost the decision there, but his team feels he didn't get a fair shake. After getting a few wins under his belt, he got his rematch against Salgado, and knocked him out in 4 rounds in a very impressive performance. Disappointing draw with Arash Usmanee, and then was crushed by Barthelemy, leaving him in a tough spot right now.

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