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Boxing Weight Class Rankings: Division by Division Top 10

Take a look at all of the boxing weight division rankings that we have compiled here at ProBoxing-Fans.com. We’ll be updating these as frequently as possible, taking into account the latest results and other relevant changes.

Divisional Rankings

Weight Class


Heavyweight Division 200+
Cruiserweight Division 175-200
Light Heavyweight Division 168-175
Super Middleweight Division 160-168
Middleweight Division 154-160
Junior Middleweight Division 147-154
Welterweight Division 140-147
Junior Welterweight Division 135-140
Lightweight Division 130-135
Super Featherweight Division 126-130
Featherweight Division 122-126
Super Bantamweight Division 118-122
Bantamweight Division 115-118
Super Flyweight Division 112-115
Flyweight Division 108-112
Junior Flyweight Division 105-108
Minimum Weight Division < 105

In each division, we name a champion, and the top 10 fighters beneath him in that particular weight class. As opposed to merely listing names, we also do our best to actually describe our reasoning behind our rankings, and provide some background information on each fighter.

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Enjoy our top 10 division by division boxing rankings.