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5 Reasons why Manny Pacquiao will Defeat Floyd Mayweather

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Could Finally be Here in the Fall

With the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather fight picking up steam once again – although it’s far from completed – once again fans of both fighters are making their case for why their man should win the bout. Here are the top 5 reasons why Manny Pacquiao will defeat Floyd Mayweather should the two meet this fall.

1. Pacquiao fights for more than himself.

Every time Pacquiao comes to the ring he knows that his entire country is watching.  That’s a lot of pressure. However, it helps Pacquiao fight better because he doesn’t want to let his country, family and fans down. I think that’s why we always see Pacquiao dig deeper whenever he’s in trouble in a fight. Mayweather, on the other hand, gives off the impression that he only fights for money and really could care less about the fans.

Mayweather loves to brag and alienate people. There’s a large amount of people who buy Mayweather fights hoping this is finally the fight where he not only loses, but gets hurt.  When Mayweather starts winning rounds, most of his opponents basically give up. Pacquiao won’t fold because when he thinks of the poverty back home in his native Philippines, he can’t imagine himself bringing more sadness to his people, which would happen if he lost the fight. The majority of people want to see Pacquiao win the fight and that will be the difference.

2. Mayweather has never faced the speed/power combination that Pacquiao possesses.

The closest fighters to Pacquiao that Mayweather has faced are Zab Judah and Shane Mosley. Judah had Mayweather in trouble through the first four rounds of their fight before he did what has come to symbolize his career, he faded under pressure.

Mosley came close to knocking Mayweather out, but couldn’t finish him. Everyone got excited after seeing what Mosley did to Margarito, but Mosley has been declining ever since the two Winky Wright fights at 154. I believe a prime Mosley finishes Mayweather.  Manny Pacquiao is still in his prime and in every fight he keeps getting better. If he gets a chance to finish Mayweather, he is going to take it.

3. Pacquiao gets stronger in the later rounds.

Do any of us know how Mayweather will respond going into the 11th round of a close fight? Mayweather hasn’t really been in a close fight going into late rounds since the first Jose Luis Castillo fight. Meanwhile, we know Pacquiao is going to fight to the last bell. Look at his two fights with Juan Manuel Marquez and his fight with Erik Morales. Pacquiao had Miguel Cotto, who I consider one of the toughest men in sport, running from him in the later rounds because he didn’t want to take any more punishment. Mayweather is going to look across the ring and see a man who he knows will be there in the 12th round, still punching and looking to finish him. I’m not sure Mayweather will respond well to the constant pressure.

4. The Southpaw Style.

It is worth noting Mayweather has had difficulties against southpaw fighters. The Judah fight has already been mentioned, but if you recall DeMarcus Corley buzzed Mayweather in their fight as well. Mayweather even mentioned during his press conference after the Mosley fight that Corley hit him harder. Yes, Mayweather did handle Sharmba Mitchell, but Mitchell was already on the decline after his two fights with Tszyu. Neither Corley nor Judah have the controlled aggression of the southpaw style that Pacquiao brings to the fight.

5. Manny can box now.

Pacquiao isn’t the one handed slugger/brawler we saw during the early part of his career. He’s knocking out guys with his right hand now, and he’s boxing effectively. A big part of that credit goes to trainer Freddie Roach, but also to Pacquiao for wanting to put the work in to become the best fighter in the world. I don’t think Pacquiao can beat Mayweather boxing, but he can win some rounds against Mayweather and keep Mayweather from figuring him out immediately.