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Adrien Broner, Marcos Maidana, Keith Thurman, Leo Santa Cruz workout photos & quotes

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Adrien Broner, Marcos Maidana, Keith Thurman, Leo Santa Cruz, and all the other fights on this weekend’s stacked Danger Zone card in San Antonio, Texas, held a public and media workout session on Wednesday afternoon. Take a look at all of the photos and quotes from the event.

Adrien Broner

[On how he prepares for a fighter that is so aggressive] ” He [Maidana] has never fought me. He’s never seen anybody in the ring like me, so he doesn’t know what he’s going to encounter.”

[On doing anything different in training to maintain his punching power at 147 pounds] “I’m okay. I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream.”

[On Marcos Maidana being a knockout victim] “I don’t have to explain what is already understood. He makes a lot of mistakes.

[On flying 65 family members to Colorado for Thanksgiving] “I just wanted to have a good time for Thanksgiving and see my family, but it was right back to work after that.

“I have to stay focused. I am not going to allow distraction. I’m not going to lie. This is the biggest fight of my career to date. He is going to try to hurt me, so I am ready and focused.”

Marcos Maidana

“The plan is that when I fight Broner, I am going to hit him everywhere and be busier. I’m prepared to throw many punches in the fight and pressure him. I’ve also trained to cut off the ring.

“It’s very important to attack the body, the arms and later the head.

“I am not sure that he [Broner] is the best I’ve faced, but he is definitely different.”

Keith Thurman

“I am truly blessed to be where I am in the world of boxing. This is a dream come true. I have been boxing since the age of seven and in the amateur ranks all I ever wanted to be was a world champion.

“I am happy to be here. I am happy to receive the fan base and the recognition that I deserve and being on the networks. I fight hard. I am hungry all of the time and even though I have a belt, I’m still hungry. There are plenty other belts out there and you better believe that my fight against Soto Karass is going to be one heck of a fight. I am also looking forward to 2014.”

[On calling out Paulie Malignaggi in the past] “Paulie was on my mind due to that title, but when Adrien Broner took it, then that makes me look forward to stepping into that ring with ‘AB’ in 2014. A lot of fans want that fight and I want what the fans want.”

[On Soto Karass] “I think he is a highly estimated fighter. He is 120 percent hard work and dedication. He says he has a new passion for the sport and I believe him. He has been training hard in camp and I am not underestimating him. I am looking forward to a tremendous fight on Saturday night.

“All you have to do is watch Soto Karass’ fights. He gets hit. He tends to have a little bit of boxing skills and we will see if his team was working a little bit more on that with this fight. No matter what I plan on being the sharper fighter, the stronger fighter and the smarter fighter.”

Jesus Soto Karass

“Keith Thurman doesn’t have a weakness. He’s a young fighter and he’s strong. He is going to give it his best, but he is going to see that I am hands on. I have put more effort and concentration into my career than he has. I admit that I am the more daring fighter and Thurman has never fought someone with my mentality.

“God willing I will fight the winner of Broner vs. Maidana.

“I have prepared well and I have no fear of Thurman because I have fought tougher fights. We’re going to give it our all in the ring.”

Leo Santa Cruz

“I’m going to do what I have to do in the ring. Since I was younger I had a dream of becoming a champion and make a better life for my family. I have been able to accomplish that dream, but I know that if I lose then everything would be taken away.

“Sometimes I can’t believe that I am at this level of fighting and everything I have accomplished. I am excited and very happy because this is what I have worked so hard for, and I don’t want anyone take that title away.

[On how much longer he will be at this weight] “Right now everything is good. I would like to fight one or two more defenses then move up in weight.”

Cesar Seda

“I have trained really hard for this fight against Santa Cruz. I’m focused and ready for Saturday night.”

Beibut Shumenov

“I’m very happy to be here and I just want to show everybody that I am the best Light Heavyweight Champion in the world.”

Tamas Kovacs

“My training camp has been going well. Shumenov is a good boxer, but I am a more intelligent fighter.”

Jamell Herring

[On Lance Williams saying he was going to knock him out] “If you look at his record and the opponents he has fought, they weren’t tough. I was in the Marine Corps and I have been through worse. I have had more experience in both my amateur and professional careers. I am definitely not threatened by him.”

Lance Williams

[On his opponent Jamel Herring] “He is a high volume puncher but I am going to go out there and be the aggressor. I am going to come straight forward and cut the ring off.”

Ricardo Alvarez

“I am really happy to be here in San Antonio. I’m really happy that I am going to be able to box in front of the Mexican fans.

“I have been here with my brother in the past, so I know the type of fight fans to expect. I’m going to put on a good show. I’m confident that I am going to win this fight and would like to fight Omar Figueroa next.”

Robert Easter, Jr.

“I trained hard and hopefully I will get my opponent out of there early. It’s about the knockout. I’ve only been to the third round in my career so far. At this point I’m not getting paid enough to do a display of boxing for all of those rounds. I make it a point to get my opponent out of there earlier. I’m going to go out there and give it my all. I give him two or three rounds. I’m feeling strong right now, stronger than I have ever felt.”

Jermain Taylor

“Training has been great and I have been really focused in camp. I am 35-years-old so I have a small window of opportunity. I have been boxing since I was 12 and I am an Olympian. People would say that I would never make it to the Olympics and I did that and they also said that I would never be a champion and I did that too.”

[On whether his legacy of fighting top-notch champions is recognized] “I have fought many talented champion in my career and I don’t care about the legacy. I’m happy. My family is being fed. Damn the legacy.”

Rau’shee Warren

“I don’t know anything about my opponent, but that doesn’t matter. It will take me about a minute to figure him out. Because I have been around the world and I’m a three-time Olympian. I have fought in different countries. I have had to fight different styled fighters and have had to learn to adapt.

” I’m ready for a win on Saturday. I’ve been training in Colorado with my team and I am motivated. My team always motivates me to be in the best shape I can be.”