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Amir Khan continuing to train hard & hope for a Floyd Mayweather fight

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Amir Khan recently fought Luis Collazo in Las Vegas and stormed his way to victory in an entertaining and eventful fight. Knocking Collazo down three times, Khan secured the win with a unanimous decision from the judges. This has added to the speculation around the chance of a fight between Khan and Floyd Mayweather in the near future, with Mayweather dropping hints around wanting to fight in London before he retires. However, Khan will not be facing Mayweather in September; as Khan has indicated it would interfere with Ramadan. 

Even without a Mayweather fight in the fall, Khan is currently training hard and staying in excellent condition in the gym. Khan is an Ambassador for MaxiNutrition, which he believes offers him several advantages not only during training, but as well as with the diet he follows in the run up to a fight, and of course, his in-ring performance on fight night. Khan’s fitness routine is focused heavily on building stamina, something which is crucial to withstand 12 rounds of intense fighting and Khan knows this firsthand, being on the wrong end of the equation in several fights, fading down the stretch.

That’s why now, in addition to his boxing training with new trainer Virgil Hunter, and typical sparring sessions, pad work, and time on the heavy bag and speed bag, Khan maintains a diverse training routine which also incorporates swimming, circuit training and sprinting exercises.

Additionally, all athletes know that following a strict nutritional program in the run up to any athletic event is the best way to keep you keep to your body going. Khan told MaxiNutrition:

“I have to make sure my diet is right because that could mean the difference between winning a fight or losing a fight, the nutrition I use can give me one or two percent more energy to win a fight and that can be crucial.”

With his move to welterweight, it was also crucial that Khan packed on added muscle, while retaining his speed and athleticism. Khan appeared to be in fantastic condition for his fight against Collazo, and seems to have made the jump up in weight with ease.

Time will tell if Khan and Mayweather will come face to face in the ring, whether it’s in London or Las Vegas, and surely Khan would be at his absolute peak physically should that fight ever be put together. In the meantime, he’s staying in top form, and looking towards the future.