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Amir Khan’s team releases statement on arrest

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Amir Khan Arrested for Assault – Details & Official Statement:

News broke over the weekend that Amir Khan was arrested following some sort of altercation with several other individuals. Now, Khan’s team has released an official statement offering a few other details on what transpired, and more or less downplaying the incident as nothing to be bothered by. Here’s the official statement from his team on Amir Khan’s arrest:

Amir Khan was arrested during the early hours of Friday 4th July on suspicion of common assault against two youths. Shortly thereafter he was released on police bail pending further enquiries.

This was a minor incident involving a misunderstanding between Amir Khan and two other youths.

On Monday 7th July Amir was notified by the police that the allegations against him had been withdrawn and the matter would not be pursued any further.

We’ll see if anything else comes about from this or if it’s the last we’ll hear about it. Surely, Khan would rather be generating headlines for finally landing a fight against Floyd Mayweather or another A-lister as opposed to being arrested for potential assault charges.