Home News Antonio Tarver’s legal issues, Al Haymon pays his debt

Antonio Tarver’s legal issues, Al Haymon pays his debt

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Antonio Tarver has gotten into some hot water as of late. A bit more than that, actually, as Tarver was arrested stemming from an unpaid $200,000 debt to the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada from 2012.

Tarver spent some time in Pinellas County Jail in Florida and was then released after Al Haymon, who else, paid his bail. Apparently Haymon did more than that though, lending Tarver the $200k to pay off the Wynn.

Now, Tarver is getting started on his latest comeback, and has lofty plans of becoming a heavyweight champion. Keep in mind, Tarver is currently 45 years old, and since losing twice to Chad Dawson, has fought just four times in nearly five years. His best work was of course as a light heavyweight.

Even in a heavyweight division which now only has one Klitschko brother, not two, Tarver’s title aspirations seem far-fetched.

It’s also hard to imagine how he got in this position. He had a very lucrative end to his career with many big-time fights – the trilogy against Roy Jones, the Glen Johnson and Chad Dawson fights, a fight against Bernard Hopkins –  and also a stint as a Showtime TV analyst.

But for a guy who’s been down worse roads than gambling, hopefully there are not any drug issues coinciding with this as well. Hopefully though he can line up a couple of modest paydays so he can pay off Haymon, any other lingering debts, and get his life back together.