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Arreola vs. Adamek Results; Angulo vs. Julio Results – Live Ringside Report & Round by Round

Ringside Report & Photo Gallery from Arreola vs. Adamek & Angulo vs. Julio

ProBoxing-Fans.com was live at ringside for the Ring of Fire card, featuring Chris Arreola vs. Tomasz Adamek and Alfredo Angulo vs. Joel Julio. Check out the full Adamek vs. Arreola results, and Angulo vs. Julio results, in addition to a complete recap of all of the prospects on the undercard, quotes from the post-fight press conference, a photo gallery from the event and more.

Tomasz Adamek won a majority 12-round decision over Cristobal Arreola in a thrilling 12 round heavyweight bout at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario. The bout was a much-needed heavyweight barnburner–something that has been missing from the boxing landscape. Perhaps of equal importance, it was just he kind of fight that the boxing world needed to clear its head of the recent darkness surrounding the sport.

By the time the main event began, the crowd in Ontario, CA was in a frenzy. A large Polish throng was on hand to cheer on their national hero. Contrasted against the party-hearty Arreola fans, it made for a a raucous and divided group–just the perfect environment for a fight.

Rounds 1-2: Arreola looked good in the first two rounds, showing his greater size and strength. Adamek was showing greater quickness as he jabbed and looked for body shots. Arreola appeared to bother Adamek at the end of the first. In the second, he was jabbing well and was sharp in his response whenever Adamek opened up a bit. Adamek remained poised and calm, always operating with a stoic confidence. Nevertheless, he appeared to drop the first two rounds.

Round 3: Adamek punched with greater confidence in the third, though he remained leery of his hulking and hard-hitting opponent. Adamek connected with a nice right and was moving more deftly. Some more lefts seemed to edge Adamek the third.

Round 4: The Polish ex-champ is really something to behold. Seeing him get schooled by Chad Dawson three years and almost 50 pounds ago, you would have been hard-pressed to see him in this role–a cute heavyweight stylist giving hell to one of the best heavyweights in the game. While he seems on the verge of being overrun by Arreola when the Californian gets fired up, he is doing enough to keep Arreola from just overpowering him. Still, Adamek is increasingly getting his bearings, fighting smart and making it really tricky for Arreola. In an entertaining round, Adamek shows great gumption to the delight of the Polish contingency to take the round.

Round 5: Adamek is covering up and slipping punches better. The speed differential is becoming more evident. Arreola muscles him effectively, then Adamek gets back to business and takes the round.

Round 6: Shoe problems for Adamek delay the beginning of the round until a little tape solves it. Arreola seems more ardent in his pursuit, giving Adamek little room to breathe. Adamek is getting off first and a little sharper, but Arreola starts to get to him a bit in the latter half of the round to edge it on my card.

Round 7: Adamek is moving with a bit more urgency, a little less gung-ho in light of Arreola’s recent aggressiveness. The Pole’s shots look a bit slower, but there is a sense that he is steeling himself for the long haul. But he is still doing his thing. Arreola fails to capitalize on the momentum of the last round. Another round for Adamek.

Round 8: It’s clear that Arreola doesn’t like to fight boxers who move and who are as capable and well-schooled as Adamek. Tomasz is running off combinations and being smart. He’s not hurting Arreola, but he’s scoring points and managing to show a lot of vigor and spirit.

Round 9: Another good round for Adamek. Arreola is looking to urt him, but is finding it difficult with the movement of Adamek, as well as the punches, which seem to be coming a bit harder. Arreola looks tired and frustrated, unsure of how to initiate. Adamek’s in-and-out style is leaving Arreola winded and looking for answers.

Round 10: Arreola catches a lot of grief as a fighter, but no one should doubt his heart. Sensing the fight slipping away, he comes out and chases down Adamek and engages him. Adamek returns fire! The first minute is total fireworks. Arreola collects himself before launching into another attack, clubbing Adamek. Adamek looks a little battered, but so does Arreola. The two exchange again, with Adamek landing a few telling shots at the end. Arreola’s round.

Round 11: Adamek’s chin serves him well here–the best round of the fight. In a round that sends the arena into bedlam, Arreola nails Adamek against the ropes. Arreola is showing great heart and throwing big shots! Arreola hurts his right hand and is visibly hurt, then immediately sucks it up and gets back in the mix. They exchange freely and Adamek appears to jar Arreola with a crisp right, then lands some vicious combos later in the round. Tough round to score. I’ll give it to Arreola.

Round 12: Somewhat of an anticlimactic round. Arreola has hit a bit of a wall. The hurt hand, movement of Adamek, and the fact that he is now somewhat beaten have rendered him a bit ineffective. Adamek moves around, lands some potshots and takes the round. Adamek gets big points for summoning the wherewithal to be sharp in the last round. What guts on this guy.

The decision comes down: 114-114, 115-113, and 117-111 for the winner, by majority decision–Tomasz Adamek!!!

Pro Boxing Fans scored it 115-113. Adamek raises his record to 41-1 (27 KOs), while Arreola drops to 28-2 (25 KOs)

Arreola vs. Adamek Final Quotes:


“I hate chasing a guy all f——g night long.”

(On the judge who scored it 117-111) I don’t know what the hell he was watching.”

“Of course I want a rematch. I hate lose. I would love to fight him in Newark,”


“I had to pace myself, start and stop again. I can’t fight him the same way for twelve rounds.”

(When asked by Tony “The Tiger” Thompson is he’d fight “the world’s most avoided heavyweight, meaning himself) “I am not afraid. I will fight anyone.”

Alfredo Angulo Takes Another Important Step, Stops Julio in 11 Rounds

The HBO televised card began with an excellent junior middleweight matchup between fast-rising Alfredo Angulo and the once-promising Joel Julio. Angulo appears to have found a fighting base here in the Southland. The fans were ultra-enthused about his appearance here tonight. For good reason–the kid can fight, and Gary Shaw may be well within reason to proclaim him the next Mexican boxing hero.

Round 1: Angulo lands a few thudding shots, showing a taste of what happens when he opens up. Julio seems to be trying to get a sense of what he’s up against. Angulo’s round.

Round 2: Julio gets untracked, and is hooking more. Angulo is the pursuer, which is expected, but Julio is moving more than normal and isn’t doing too badly, until a right hurts him with 45 seconds left in the round. It’s clear that Julio doesn’t want to be on the ropes against Angulo.

Round 3: Julio shows more ugency, throwing and moving a bit more crisply. He seems to be working the distance game well, punching at the end of his reach before Angulo can get him into his wheelhouse. Angulo comes back strongly with some left hooks to the body and head, but Julio takes them well. A good and even round, but a slight edge for Julio.

Round 4: Julio is working the in-and-out movement nicely. It’s just that Julio is so unperturbed. HE just keeps moving forward with patience and confidence. It’s almost as if he thinks “I don’t care what you’re doing right now because I know what I’m gonna do.” Good exchanges ensue. Julio seems to be taking a page from Kermit Cintron, another case of a banger-turned boxer using movement and long-range boxing to get the job done against Angulo. Another round for Julio.

Round 5: A somewhat humdrum round, where Angulo’s pressure edges it.

Round 6: When Angulo pours on the pressure, he’s unstoppable. But Julio has managed to force Angulo to regroup and reset too much so that he can’t get into a flow. Working on the fly, Julio manages to land a few nice combos. At the end of the round, Angulo pours it on to make it a very close and even round. 10-10.

Round 7: Julio opens well, but then a hard left right to the gut ebbs his resolve a bit. Julio’s problem is that despite all his pluck, it’s bad news for him when Angulo opens up. He’s boxing extraordinarily well under the circumstances, but is not accustomed to operating with such a punching power disadvantage. Julio is used to being the puncher in the ring, and being reduced to powder-puff cutie is not his cup of tea. Can he keep moving like this? Angulo puts some more nice body work together totake this round.

Round 8: If you cross your eyes and blur your vision, Julio still looks like he’s together. As you peer in closer, you see he looks tired–his mouth open and a slightly concerned look on his face. Angulo is so patient in his approach, that he allows Julio to outwork him in spots. Even though Julio’s offense is more frantic than substantive, he is doing well keeping Angulo at the end of his reach. Julio’s round.

Round 9: Julio appears to be slowing. Angulo is putting on the pressure. At the end of the round, Julio looks like he’s fraying at the edges.

Round 10: Julio is still in it, which is a credit to him. He’s doing better than a lot of people thought he would. He’s losing his zip and the sheer clout and truth of Angulo’s attack looks like it’s winning the day now. Julio needs to fire, but when he does, he only puts himself more under the wrath of Angulo. Julio looking like he’s caving.

Round 11: Julio opens nicely. He looks like he’s firing himself up for the final 2 rounds, thinking he’s still in the fight. Gamely, he peppers Angulo with a few light shots. Angulo drops a few series of body shots on him and then–BOOM! A big right hand puts Julio down. Referee Raul Caiz stops the fight, much to Julio’s displeasure.

The winner by 11th Round TKO is Alfredo Angulo.

Angulo vs. Julio Final Quotes:

At the post-fight press conference, Angulo’s promoter Gary Shaw expressed interest in a fight with Miguel Cotto. He also said he would fight Cintron again, but that there bigger fights out there.

Julio was very classy in his excuse-free praising of Angulo and there was a mutual respect between the two.

Undercard Report

An undercard packed with some nice up-and-coming prospects rounded out the bill. The card began when lightweight John Molina, Jr moved to 19-1 (15 KOs) with a 2nd round TKO over Jose Antonio Izquierdo, who fell to 29-9-2. Izquierdo seemed game and even troubled Molina in the first round, and then got the quick hook when Molina rocked him.

In Other Bouts…

Al Haymon-backed Marquise Bruce made his pro debut against fired-up 3-4 Raul Rodriguez, earning only a draw. It looked like he was a bit unlucky to not get the win, though Rodriguez fought an excellent fight.

Good-looking bantamweight Chris Avalos, 16-0 (13 KOs), won by 2nd round TKO when Colombian John Molina decided he had enough after 2 rounds.

Heavyweight Natu Visinis moved to 4-0 with a 4th round technical decision over debuting Geovanni Sarran. Visinia is strong, but slow and predictable. A head butt messed up Sarran’s eye, and the bout was stopped at :28.

Another undefeated heavyweight made an appearance when Nate James moved to 3-0 with a 4 round split-decision over game Alvaro Morales.

In the final bout before Angulo-Julio, undefeated junior featherweight Rico Ramos moved to 16-0 (9 KOs) with a perfunctory 8 round decision over Reynaldo Lopez, 29-9-2 (21 KOs).

Ring of Fire: Adamek vs. Arreola & Angulo vs. Julio Photo Gallery

All Images Credit to Scott Levinson and ProBoxing-Fans.com

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