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Aussie, Josh Frederikson Leading by Example

Josh Frederikson reflects on his journey through battling addiction, jail time and finding solace in boxing.

Josh Frederikson was saved by boxing. Photo Credit: Photo credit: Yonathan Periatna
Josh Frederikson was saved by boxing. Photo Credit: Photo credit: Yonathan Periatna

Australian boxer, Joshua Frederiksen 8-1 former national Light-Heavyweight champion has been out action for over year but is on the comeback trail and opens up about his life’s journey.

Frederikson opens up. “It all started with a dream when I was in jail. As a young man and no direction as many of us do I turned to drugs and soon found myself in the drug loop and with a habit.

“Fighting that for years the next step was a jail sentence in QLD. Wanting to get myself clean, healthy and fit I stopped smoking and all types of drugs and looked to start my journey learning whatever I could off anyone that would put there time into me after 2 and a half years I was healthy and had learnt enough to start in a boxing gym which I did.

“Nick Midgley my trainer and mentor through the adjustment period of getting out I quickly found my love for fighting after being out [of jail] for 5 and a half years now still drug and alcohol free, 29 amateur fights and 11 professional fights with my latest an Australian light heavyweight title.” Frederikson continued.

“I’m now training with the best team in Australia with Angelo Hyder, Tony Nobbs and the boys on the tweed coast we look to move onto the world stage, with [manager] Tony Tolj steering the ship.

“Besides boxing I have recently opened my own business in Broadbeach a barber shop/ coffee espresso bar ‘Big L’s Barber Shop’.

“I’m happy to help anyone that has just got out in a hard place if they bring there release papers to the shop and need a haircut or to taste a proper coffee I’ll make there first on the house to help make them back into the society.

“We can make it work out here it just takes time and persistence”

Josh is now managed by World renowned Oceania manager of the year, Tony Tolj.

Tolj discusses his charge. “Josh is a great guy, he has learned so much from his mistakes and made such a positive life for himself and those around him. He has been mentored by Australian boxing icon Nick Midgley who such a positive person and I can see once this Covid 19 is over Josh is ready to make his mark on the international boxing scene”