Awesome Mayweather-Cotto preview video: Under the Lights from HBO Boxing

These days, in the run up to a major HBO fight such as the May 5th Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto clash, there is a huge range of pre-fight material released. You have the 24/7 shows, the press conferences, training camp photos and quotes, interview segments and so much more. All of that is great, but my absolute favorite thing that HBO Boxing does for these fights is their Under the Lights fight previews. These are truly fantastic to watch, and provide some intriguing and entertaining analysis of the fight to come. Check it out.

The Mayweather vs. Cotto video fight preview Under the Lights is fantastic. It breaks down specific elements of the fighters, their approach in the ring, and what they should do to get the victory against the other man. It highlights each fighter, showing how they have performed against some of their recent competition, honing in on a very specific moments and showcasing what they do, how and why.

It makes for a really great watch, and once again, with all of the material out there for a fight like this, I highly recommend the Under the Lights videos as the one to watch if you don’t check out anything else.

And of course, the Under the Lights Mayweather vs. Cotto video preview is simply put together really well, with great fight footage, facts, music, effects and more.

So take a few minutes and enjoy the video right here.

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