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Boxcino opening round recap: Late sub John Thompson among winners

Credit: Shane Sims / Banner Promotions

Brandon Adams, Vito Gasparyan, John Thompson and Stanyslav Skorokhod all won their quarterfinal match-ups at the Mohegan Sun and advanced to the semi-final round of the Boxcino 2015 jr. middleweight tournament. Adams, who was a Boxcino 2014 middleweight tournament runner up, scored a 5th round stoppage over Alex Perez in what was an entertaining slug fest.

The fight saw both guys fight inside and land some thudding shots. It was Adams speed inside that proved to be the difference as it looked he landed the more authoritative blows and was slowly breaking down Perez.

In round five, Adams landed a booming right that sent Perez to the canvas. Perez got to his knees before the bout was stopped at 2:47 of round five.

Adams, 155 lbs of Los Angeles is now 16-1 with 11 knockouts. Perez, 152 1/2 lbs of Newark, NJ is 18-2.

“Alex was very tough. I appreciate the fight that he brought and it made me step up my game,” said Adams.

“In the end, I loaded up my shots. I showed that I have the speed and I established the jab. I had a lot of fun in there. I am looking forward to the next fight. I am going, maybe I will take Monday off and I will be back in the gym.”

Vito Gasparyan scored a 6-round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Simeon Hardy.

Gasparyan was more active and outworked Hardy and forced the battle on the inside against the taller Hardy, where Gasparyan was able to get the better of the exchanges.

Gasparyan, 155 lbs from Glendale, CA won by scores of 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 and is now 15-3-5. Hardy, 154 1/4 lbs of Brooklyn is now 13-1.

“It was a good fight. I proved that I belong at this level,” said Gasparyan.

“I am now looking forward to the next fight. I am going to work hard and take one step at a time. I felt good and confident in there. I am dedicating this victory to my trainer Justin Fortune who couldn’t be here after just beating an illness.”

Late replacement John Thompson boxed his way to a 6-round unanimous decision over Ricardo Pinell.

Thompson used his height and reach to keep Pinell at bay. Thompson was effective with quick combinations that never let Pinell get on track.

Thompson, 154 1/4 lbs of Newark, NJ won by scores of 60-54 on cards and is now 16-1. Pinell, 154 lbs of San Francisco, CA is now 10-2-1.

“I outboxed him for the most part. I was able to know a little about him and I went off what I saw on youtube,” said Thompson.

“I saw he had a few bad habits. Now that I have time to prepare it will be a lot better. I know I have a lot to work on. I will take one week off and I will be back in the gym.”

Syanyslav Skorokhod scored a 4th round stoppage over Michael Moore in a battle of previously undefeated fighters.

In round two, Skorokhod started to find the range with power shots with both hands. Towards the end of the round, Skorokhod landed a hard right that backed Moore up to the corner. In round three, Skorohod dropped Moore with a perfect right hand.

In round four, Skorohod dropped Moore once again with a hard right. Morre got up only to eat a flurry of punches and the bout was stopped at 1:03 round four.

Skorohod, 153 3/4 lbs of Los Angeles is now 9-0 with 7 knockouts. Moore, 154 3/4 lbs of Cleveland, OH is 13-1.

“I am glad that I won. My next fight will be even better,”said a victorious Skorokhod.

“I was prepared for a southpaw and I knew the pressure would be the difference. Once I applied the pressure, I saw he could not do anything. I can prepare for any kind of the style being that I train with some of the best fighters at Wild Card Gym.”

Adams will meet Gasparyan while Skorokhod will fight Thompson on April 3 in Corona, California.

In undercard action:

In what was a rock em -sock em affair, Jimmy Williams was able to pound his way to a 4th-round stoppage over Eddie Caminero in a scheduled 6-round Middleweight bout.

It looked like it would be a short and easy night for Williams as he repeatedly hurt Caminero in the first round to the point were Caminero was staggering all over the ring on several occasions. Caminero was able to gather himself and make the fight a two way brawl with each guy holding on at different points of the fight.

Williams steadied himself enough to land a perfect left hook that sent Caminero to the deck at 32-seconds of round four.

Williams, 156 1/4 lbs of Hartford, CT is now 9-0-1 with 5 knockouts. Caminero, 157 1/4 lbs of Lawrenceville, MA is 7-9.

Khiary Gray-Pitts battered and bloodied the nose of Rodrigo Almeida in the first round and the bout was halted in the corner following the opening frame of their scheduled 4-round Light Heavyweight bout.

Gray-Pitts landed thudding shots that had Almeida on the defensive from the outset. Almeida’s nose was bloody and face was bruised up after just three minutes of action and could not continue after the first frame.

Gray-Pitts, 164 1/4 lbs of Worcester, MA is now 5-0 with 3 knockouts. Almeida, 172 1/2 lbs of Woburn, MA is 1-2.

In the opening bout of the evening, Oscar Bonilla and Angel Martinez battled a 4-round draw in a Lightweight bout.

Bonilla won a card 39-37 while two cards were even at 38-38.

Bonilla, 133 lbs of New Haven, CT is 3-0-2. Martinez, 132 1/4 lbs of Austin, TX is 5-1-1.

In the walkout bout Ray Oliveira Jr. scored a stoppage after round two of a scheduled 4-round Lightweight bout over Ralph Johnson.

Oliveira is now 3-0 with 2 knockouts. Johnson is 1-4