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Top 5 Best Australian Boxers

Best Boxers from Australia

Take a look at the top 5 boxers in history from Australia. Many notable Aussies are still fighting at the highest levels of the sport, but these guys stand apart from the crowd for the great work they put in during previous eras.

  1. Jeff Fenech (Career: 1984-2008): The Marrickville Mauler was a tireless pressure fighter who won titles in 3 weight classes. It frankly should have been 4, but Fenech was scandalized in earning only a draw against legendary Azumah Nelson in 1991. A vicious beating suffered by Fenech in the Nelson rematch effectively brought an end to a prime that, despite being short, was absolutely unforgettable.
  2. Lionel Rose (Career: 1964-1976): The recently deceased Rose’s talent was unmistakable. His outside-of-the-ring lifestyle perhaps cut short his prime, but his win in Tokyo over legendary bantamweight champ Fighting Harada was a gigantic triumph. Defended against unbeaten Japanese Takao Sakurai and Chucho Castillo—in a 1968 bout that sparked a riot at the Inglewood forum—and top U.K. bantamweight Alan Rudkin.
  3. Jimmy Carruthers (Career: 1950-1962): His title-winning effort as a visitor against South Africa’s World Bantamweight Champ Vic Toweel was one of the more emphatic title triumphs ever. Carruthers shellacked Toweel with over 100 punches in just over 2 minutes to snatch the title. Defended against Toweel in a rematch and Pappy Gault, before staging an unforgettable defense in Thailand against Chamroen Songkitrat in the midst of a vicious rainstorm where both men fought barefoot in appalling conditions. Retired as unbeaten champion, before returning 7 years later and losing 4 of 6.
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  5. Young Griffo (Career: 1886-1904): Former Featherweight Champion was one of the first defensive geniuses of the gloved era. Won world title in Australia and registered one defense before vacating title and coming to the U.S. where he drew with standout world champion fighters Kid Lavigne, George Dixon, and Joe Gans.
  6. Les Darcy (Career: 1910-1916): The Maitland Wonder tragically passed away at the tender age of 21, but in that short time distinguished himself as one of the best Aussies of all time and a truly exceptional talent. This member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame beat some leading American contenders during his brief career and probably gets some of that “what coulda been” mojo, but was nonetheless a unique fighter.

There you have it, the best fighters from Australia in the history of boxing. Remember, the list includes individuals born from Australia, excluding Aussie-based fighters with different backgrounds. If you care to debate, question or argue, then feel free to chime in with a comment below.