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Top 5 Best Mexican Fighters

The Top 5 Boxers from Mexico All-Time:

Take a look at the top 5 boxers in history from Mexico. The list of Mexican greats and legends could go on for dozens and dozens, but we had to narrow it down to just the top 5. You might have some different names in your own list, but you can’t argue with these 5 Mexican greats.

  1. Julio Cesar Chavez (Career: 1980-2005): Undefeated in his first 90 fights. Won 31 title bouts and titles in 3 divisions. Poker-faced assassin ruined fighters to the body. He was like the tide—dependable and imperturbable. Opponents knew what was coming and still couldn’t do anything about it. 1990 win over mega-talented speedster Meldrick Taylor was the stuff of legend. Also defeated stalwarts such as Ruben Castillo, Roger Mayweather (twice), Rocky Lockridge, Juan LaPorte, Edwin Rosario, Jose Luis Ramirez, Hector Camacho, Greg Haugen, and Frankie Randall. Dominance, longevity, and quality of opposition make him the greatest ever of a wonderful fighting nation.
  2. Ricardo Lopez (Career: 1985-2001): Retired unbeaten in 52 fights. Won 105-pound belt in 1990 and defended it an incredible 22 times, before winning a belt at 108 before he retired. Fought in a division that didn’t get much western attention, but was nevertheless on such a different level than his contemporaries that his greatness cannot be disputed. His 2-fight series with the excellent Rosendo Alvarez was classic stuff—showing the mega-talented, but post-peak Lopez had the toughness and grit to accompany his exquisite skills. Finito was a beautiful fighter and truly one of a kind.
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  4. Salvador Sanchez (Career: 1975-1982): While he gets a lot of credit for what people suspected he might accomplish, Sanchez’ inclusion on this list is not a sympathy move. Despite passing away at 23, he’s the best featherweight anyone under the age 70 ever saw. Two wins over a dominant champ in Danny Lopez paved the way. Also beat 47-1 Ruben Castillo, undefeated challenger Patrick Ford, and Juan LaPorte. Beat win was likely his knockout of undefeated Hall of Famer Wilfredo Gomez. Also stopped Hall of Famer Azumah Nelson in his final fight.
  5. Ruben Olivares (Career: 1965-1988): Rock-a-bye Ruben was one of a kind—a fantastic and concussive fighting machine who was unbeaten in his first 57 fights. Holds wins over names like Salvatore Burruni, Jose Medel, Lionel Rose, Alan Rudkin, Chucho Castillo (twice), Bobby Chacon (twice), Art Hafey, and Jose Luis Ramirez. Scored 77 knockouts. A huge attraction and one of the best ever.
  6. Carlos Zarate (Career: 1970-1988): The knockout king has an argument as the most dominant bantamweight champion of all-time. At one point, his record sat at 52-0 with 51 knockouts. Crushed a good champion in Rodolfo Martinez in 1976 and knocked out all his challengers, including a knockout of fellow champion Alfonso Zamora, who was 29-0 (29 KOs) at the time. In his 10th defense, he was robbed against Lupe Pintor in 1979 and left the sport. Came back 7 years later and won 12 straight before losing to Jeff Fenech and Daniel Zaragoza.

Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the best boxers from Mexico in the history of the sport. Few countries, if any, have richer boxing traditions and cultures than Mexico does. This top 5 list of the best Mexican boxers ever is certainly up for debate, but you’d be hard pressed to knock any of these guys out of the list in place of someone else.