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Boxers on Facebook and Twitter

Which Professional Boxers are on Social Networking Sites like Facebook & Twitter?

The Internet has long been the home to boxing news and information. It was the perfect solution providing hardcore fans and boxing heads with nonstop coverage of the sport they loved, while the major networks and magazines often were silent on all subjects relating to the Sweet Science.

The rise of the social networking sites has also been a major boon to the world of boxing. Now, you can connect with and follow hundreds of different professional boxers and other companies and individuals involved with the game directly.

What we’ve done below is gathered as complete a list as we could of boxers, promoters, networks, personalities and more who are on Facebook, Twitter or both. It’s as complete a picture of the boxing realm that’s available on your favorite social media sites as you could find anywhere else.

For even more thorough and up to date lists of boxers on social media sites online like Facebook and Twitter, you can visit ProBoxing-Fans.com on either of those locations. Follow us on Facebook and see our favorites, see our lists of boxers on Twitter via our Twitter account, and more. Those lists are always being added to and tweaked, while this page will be updated somewhat less frequently.

A few general things to know about our lists of boxers on social networking sites…

  1. The Facebook pages are alphabetized, the Twitter pages are not – they’re harder to sort through with the usernames.
  2. We’ve done our best to only include official and authorized accounts, and not impostor or unofficial accounts.
  3. For both the Facebook and Twitter lists, some of the pages or accounts are in Spanish.


Boxers on Facebook – Fan Pages

*Note, this does not include personal accounts of boxers, instead this focuses on official fan pages of boxers.

Additional Boxing Facebook Accounts – Networks, Promoters, Etc



Before looking at all of the individual Twitter accounts below, you can also check out our lists where you’ll find all of the most up-to-date accounts, broken down by category:

Boxers on Twitter

This list includes both active boxers and retired boxers, and you’ll find well over 125 different individuals, many of whom are quite active on Twitter. From the biggest names in the sport to prospects on the rise and more.

Additional Boxing Twitter Accounts – Networks, Promoters, Etc


This list includes both companies, as well as the individuals who work with them and represent them.

Networks & TV Personalities

Below, find some notable television networks, behind the scenes movers and shakers in the TV and PPV industry, as well as on-air personalities and announcers.