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Top 5 Most Essential Pieces of Boxing Home Workout Equipment

Must Have Home Boxing Training Gear

If you’ve been waiting to get started with boxing training at home, but you haven’t taken the leap yet, then now’s the time to act. It’s actually easier and cheaper than you’d probably imagine, so there’s nothing that should be holding you back.

While there are all kinds of accessories and pieces of gear that you can eventually add to your collection, all you need for a complete home boxing gym experience are the 5 items below. You’ll be able to get into fantastic shape, and you’ll be able to do it conveniently and cost-effectively from your own space. It doesn’t get better than that.

Here are the 5 most essential home boxing workout equipment and gear items.

1. Gloves/Wraps

This is where it all begins. You’ll need a nice pair of heavy bag gloves, and of course some hand wraps to wear underneath them and protect your knuckles. Before you go out and spend $125 on professional Cleto Reyes boxing gloves or anything like that, that’s not what you need for simple boxing training at home and working the heavy bag.

Instead, spend between $20-$40 for a pair of high quality bag gloves from a solid brand like Everlast or Ringside. They’ll hold up for a long time, provide solid protection and comfort, and be more than satisfactory for what you’ll be needing.

The new Everlast Protex gloves make for a nice choice, and they aren’t too pricey at all.

2. Heavy Bag

Now that you have gloves to wear, you’ll need something to hit. The heavy bag is the centerpiece of any boxing gym or training session.

Your two main choices will be freestanding or hanging heavy bags. Freestanding bags can be placed anywhere in your home, whereas hanging heavy bags will either be hung from a ceiling support, or hung from a separate stand that you purchase.

With free standing heavy bags, a popular choice are the Wavemaster punching bags, as well as the Century Bob opponent bags, which are rubber and in the shape of a person’s body. They don’t make as much noise as hanging heavy bags do, and since they’re freestanding, can be stored away in a corner when not in use.

3. Speed Bag

After the heavy bag, speed bag training is the next most essential component to your home boxing workouts. You can buy some punching bag stands which include a space for a hanging heavy bag, as well as a built-in speed bag platform on the other side.

Otherwise, you’ll need to go ahead and hang one up in a basement wall or garage.

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4. Boxing Round Timer

The boxing round timer is something which you probably won’t think you need, but then once you have it, will be a brilliant addition to your gear. A boxing round timer makes it a breeze to keep track of your workout sessions, so you can have automatic reminders set to different round lengths, rest periods, and more.

Boxers typically complete their entire training sessions according to rounds. So even when you aren’t in a ring, you’ll be hitting a heavy bag for a set number of rounds, or working the speed bag to the same tune, and so forth.

You won’t have to worry about stopwatches or clocks or anything else, and it’s a quick and super convenient way to take your boxing training at home up to another level.

5. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a very common boxing training technique, used for coordination, stamina, warming up and cooling down, and much more. A jump rope can be purchased for anywhere from $5 to $20 depending on what you’re looking for, and you can choose either “speed” jump ropes, or “weighted” jump ropes for more resistance.

Bonus: Full Length Mirror

OK, let’s add one more bonus piece of boxing training gear to really complete your home gym and training experience. A simple full length mirror will enable you to shadow box effectively, as well as perform a number of other training techniques.

You can snag one of these at any Target or Walmart for $10 or $20, and you’ll be all set.

Really, that’s all the gear and equipment you need to get started with boxing training at home, and it doesn’t add up to be excessive in terms of cost. So go ahead and pick these items up and dive into the Sweet Science.