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Today there are dozens of boxing forums available online, and why not? The Sweet Science lends itself to debate, discussion, comparison and argument better than perhaps any other sport out there. Whether you want to talk about an upcoming fight, the robbery from last weekend, the all-time greats versus the current crop of fighters or anything else, then you can get in on the fun for yourself with the huge array of message boards.

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Of course, we’re not here to discriminate, so below, you’ll find a collection of other boxing forums that we have added as a resource for individuals and fans of all backgrounds. We haven’t called any single listing the best boxing forum or the worst, because everybody may be looking for something else, and we don’t want to single anybody out as good or bad, better or worse, fun or aggravating. Check a few out and see which boxing forum works the best for you.

Boxing Forum List – Sorted Alphabetically

  • BoxingForum.com – Growing community also has chat features.
  • Boxing Scene Forums – The busiest and most crowded boxing message board. Some complain about pop-ups, viruses, lack of moderation, etc., but still has more users and posts than anywhere else.
  • Doghouse Boxing Forum – Busy and active message board community from Doghouse boxing.
  • East Side Boxing Forum – Very active boxing forum from Eastsideboxing.com.
  • ESPN Boxing Forum – Boxing section of official ESPN message board. One user ID gives access to all sports message boards from ESPN. Moderated.
  • FanNation Boxing Forum – FanNation community member forum. Less active than other sites.
  • Fight Game – Has British/European, MMA and wrestling sections in addition to main boxing area.
  • HBO Boxing Forum – The official boxing forum from HBO. Many old users left after change to new format. Moderated.
  • Maxboxing.com Forum – Boxing message board from Maxboxing.com.
  • MyBoxingForum.com – Different sections devoted to world boxing, UK boxing, history and training.
  • RossTraining.com Boards – Training & workout forum with general boxing and boxing training areas.
  • Saddo Boxing Forum – Message boards from Saddoboxing.com.
  • Sherdog Forums – Mostly MMA and UFC, with section devoted to boxing.
  • World Boxing Forums – Boxing message board with a focus on the UK scene.
  • Yahoo Message Boards – Yahoo boxing board has been deserted for years.

This list focuses on English-speaking boxing forums. Also, at this time we do not have fighter-specific message boards included in our list. We know that lots of fighters have official websites or official fan communities, as well as presences on social media websites, however have not listed those here for now.

It’s also worth noting that every boxing forum has its own reputation for the type of user that frequents it, the level of discussion and debate, and so forth. We have tried not to get involved with any of that and instead have listed just the basic information about what you might be able to expect from each place. The best boxing forum for you might not be the best for another, so you’ll have to figure all of that out on your own.

Enjoy the list and check them out to get in on some good old fashioned boxing discussion and debate for yourself. If you run your own message board or know of another popular outlet that is not listed, then please feel free to contact us and we’ll add your boxing forum to the list.