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Bradley vs. Alexander Photos

The Timothy Bradley vs. Devon Alexander fight showcased two of the sport’s young stars in an intriguing showdown to determine which would remain undefeated and potentially rule the junior welterweight division rankings. The fight was a bit disappointing in how it played out, but still, a very notable event. Check out these Bradley vs. Alexander photos showing the buildup to the fight, the press conferences, training, weigh-in and more.

One thing you can see from these Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander photographs is that both fighters were in amazing shape for their match. As seen at the weigh-in each man was shredded and ready for action, and the egos and attitudes involved made it seem like this fight would be a great one for the fans.

We also have a few Bradley-Alexander fight photos, including Timothy Bradley reunited with his championship belts after the win, and him throwing and landing a few punches on Alexander over the course of the fight. He did more work and landed more clean, hard shots than Alexander, and it was enough.

Hopefully you can enjoy these Bradley vs. Alexander photos and images, even if the fight ended up being less than stellar. Bradley ended up winning the day, but the way the fight ended with the headbutts was strange and anti-climactic. The buildup to the fight though had been huge, and it’s a shame that it couldn’t live up to the expectations.