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Cotto vs. Mayorga Photos

The Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga junior welterweight rumble was an intriguing match-up featuring the always entertaining Nicarauguan slugger, and the still comebacking Cotto, trying to rebuild himself after those two brutal KO losses to Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. Cotto was expected to easily handle Mayorga, although there was always that sense of dramatic possibilities, given Mayorga’s power and his aggressive style, as well as Cotto’s struggles dealing with. Take a look at the Cotto vs. Mayorga pictures below to see how it all played out, from the fight photos themselves, to weigh-ins, press conferences, training camps and more.

Mayorga actually put up a much better fight than maybe people thought he would. He was game and had his moments, although Cotto was largely in control. Still, he made it until the 12th round and then bowed out with a combination of being badly hurt and a hand injury which may or may not have mattered at all.

The Cotto vs. Mayorga photos above will take you right up close and into the action. Plenty of good stuff for Cotto fans and even Mayorga fans to enjoy, as well as any boxing aficionados looking to take in the scene from one of the big fights and events of the year. So enjoy our massive photo gallery from Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga!