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Donaire vs. Rigondeaux photos

Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux Fight Photos

When Nonito Donaire met Guillermo Rigondeaux on April 13, 2013, fight fans knew what to expect — an extremely skilled battle between two of the top active fighters in the game. Many expected Donaire to outclass Rigondeaux, but it was the other way around. The Jackal got the upper hand against the Filipino Flash, and largely controlled the fight, winning a well-earned Unanimous Decision and surviving a late-round knockdown which almost cost him the day.

Right here, you can see how it all played out with our huge collection of Donaire vs. Rigondeaux pictures, including fight-night photos, images from the weigh-ins and pre-fight press conferences, the media days and training camps, and everything else.

Donaire vs. Rigondeaux Photos

As you can see, we have tons of great images and pictures for you to enjoy here. From their opening press conference which took them to the top of the Radio City Music Hall, to the flush shots Rigondeux landed on Donaire, busting up his face in the process over the course of the fight.

Rigondeaux, already one of the best amateur fighters of all-time, certainly proved his worth as one of the best active fighters today in taking out Donaire. For Donaire, it’s onward and upward to the featherweight division. For Rigondeaux, he’s likely one of the most accomplished 12-fight professionals ever.

Enjoy all of our Donaire vs. Rigondeaux pictures, and feel free to browse around the rest of our collection of photo galleries and our latest news.