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Hopkins vs. Pascal Photos

The Jean Pascal vs. Bernard Hopkins bout held on December 18th, 2010, ended in much controversy. The final verdict for the bout was a draw, which enabled Pascal to keep his title. However, the majority of observers felt that Hopkins did enough for the win and should have become the new champion in the process. Had he won, he would have been the oldest champion in boxing’s history, barely eclipsing George Foreman’s mark when he retook the heavyweight crown. Take a look at these Hopkins vs. Pascal photos from the events leading up to the bout including the weigh-in and press conferences.

The difference in the fight ended up being the 2 knockdowns that Pascal scored on Hopkins. Of course, the knockdowns didn’t come without controversy either. Hopkins complained that neither of the knockdowns should have been scored. Realistically, the first knockdown was especially suspect, but the second one appeared legitimate even if Hopkins wasn’t really hurt.

The Pascal vs. Hopkins photos above show the buildup to the bout, and after its controversial ending, it’s likely that there will be a rematch.