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Juanma Lopez vs. Salido II Photos

Pictures from Orlando Salido vs. Juan Manuel Lopez 2

The highly anticipated rematch between JuanMa Lopez and Orlando Salido didn’t disappoint. Salido scored another huge knockout win, stopping JuanMa for the second time, retaining his titles, and proving that the first fight between them was no fluke. It was a thrilling Fight of the Year type encounter, and right here, you can relive all of the action with our collection of JuanMa Lopez vs. Salido II pictures.

Even though he scored the huge upset win the first time, Salido was still the underdog for the second fight. JuanMa was determined to exact his revenge, but Salido was simply too tough and too determined on his own. He was able to survive Lopez’s power punching, while wading forward and taking advantage of his defensive lapses.

Above, you’ll find a collection of JuanMa vs. Salido 2 photos from fight night and all of the great action, as well as all of the pre-fight buildup, including weigh-ins, press conferences, training camps and more. It’s a great way to see how everything unfolded and to enjoy all of the action of this instant classic type match once again.

So what’s next for these two fighters? JuanMa needs to rebuild in a major way, and Salido gets to cash in with some more big-time type encounters, well deserved for him. Enjoy the JuanMa Lopez vs. Salido 2 pictures right here.