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Klitschko vs. Adamek Photos

The Vitali Klitschko vs. Tomasz Adamek fight was an exciting heavyweight title fight between one of the Klitschko-brother-champions, and one of the top remaining challengers, former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek. The fight was heavily hyped, and it took place in a brand new stadium in Poland, in front of more than 40,000 enthusiastic fans. Take a look at this collection of Klitschko vs. Adamek pictures to relive all of the fight action and the buildup to the fight.

Ultimately, Adamek is a very tough guy, and a very good fighter. But he was simply too small compared to Klitschko to be effective. Outweighed by 25 lbs, all muscle too, Adamek couldn’t get inside, his punches weren’t damaging, and meanwhile, Klitschko’s punches were extremely damaging to the smaller Adamek. Adamek never gave up and he wasn’t kayoed, but the fight had to be stopped to keep him from taking any more punishment.

With the Klitschko vs. Adamek pictures above, you’ll able to see all of the great fight action itself, as well as all of the lead up to the bout. So you’ll see photos of Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek training, you’ll see photos from their weigh-in and from their press conferences, and more. So take a look and enjoy, and feel free to share this collection of Klitschko-Adamek pictures with proper accreditation.