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Pacquiao vs. Bradley II photos

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Photos from the Rematch:

Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley in their rematch in April 2014, earning a hard-fought decision win after he was robbed in their first encounter. This time, the judges made the right call, and the right guy, Pacquiao, had his hand raised.

Right here, you can go back and see it all with our huge collection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley II photos.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley II Photo Gallery

As you can see, we have a massive selection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley II photos and images here. That includes some great fight night action shots from the event itself. But also, you’ll find pictures from the weigh-in, from the final press conferences, from other fight week activities, from the training camps and public workouts the fighters held, the opening press tour to announce the fight, and every little thing along the way.

All told, it’s about 100 different Pacquiao vs. Bradley pictures for you to take a look at, and it covers each aspect of the fight from the buildup and anticipation to the action in the ring.

So feel free to browse around, and enjoy all of the great Pacquiao vs. Bradley II photos we have here!