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Ward vs. Dawson Photos

Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson Pictures

Andre Ward was favored to win his fight against Chad Dawson, but few people thought he would dominate as completely and thoroughly as he did, en route to a fantastic stoppage victory. The Super Six champion defeated the number 1 guy at light heavyweight by completely taking him out of his element, and dictating every portion of the bout. Right here, you can relive all of the great action, from the opening press conferences right through fight night with our huge collection of high quality Ward vs. Dawson photos.

Ward-Dawson Pictures

As you can see above, we have a large sampling of photos from the Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson fight. You’ll see the opening press conferences and pre-fight training camps and workouts. You’ll also see the official weigh-ins, and then the fight night shots from ringside, as the two men battled for supremacy.

Andre Ward prevailed, and that’s something that everyone must be quite used to seeing at this point. The undefeated professional and 2004 USA Olympic gold medalist hasn’t lost a single contest, pro or amateur, since he was a pre-teen.

Already regarded as one of the top 5 pound for pound fighters in the world, many people now want to see him move even higher. And when you look at the pictures from the Ward vs. Dawson fight and see the kind of beating he put on a top opponent, it’s easy to see why.

So take a look around and enjoy some of the great shots we have here in our collection of Ward vs. Dawson pictures.